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Why Ukrainian Witness Kostyantyn Kulyk Could Break Biden Impeachment Case Wide Open

Many Americans are now realizing that the impeachment of Joe Biden is reality. What’s needed now is for crucial witness testimony to be brought forward to Congress – starting with Ukrainian prosecutor Kulyk Kostyantyn, who possesses key evidence of corruption involving the current U.S. President.

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When it comes to the case against Biden corruption in Ukraine, there is no shortage of available evidence stretching back over a decade. The real problem now is assembling the key witnesses in order to share their testimonies with the American people, and the world. 

On November 4, 2019, Reuters published a story about Ukrainian authorities firing a prosecutor who discussed Biden’s corruption with Rudy Giuliani. The story details how Ukrainian prosecutors, in the process of investigating the withdrawal of billions of dollars from Ukraine through the gas production company Burisma, stumbled upon the connection between the corrupt management of this Ukrainian energy firm and then Vice President of the United States Joe Biden.

The piece confirms the Ukrainian investigation was already well underway in July in 2019. However, it appears that the Democratic Party machine swiftly intervened and pressured their puppets in Kiev to fire the prosecutor who had collected first-hand evidence of Biden’s involvement in a multi-billion dollar corruption scandal which fleeced the impoverished Eastern European country.

That man’s name is Kostyantyn Kulyk…

Kostyantyn Kulyk began his career in Ukraine in 1999 in Kharkiv, where he worked as an investigator, before following a familiar career path in his field to the capital Kiev in 2004, with a stint in Mykolaiv where he worked as a supervisory prosecutor, before finally returning to Kiev again.

IMAGE: Ukrainian authorities were planning to arrest Kulyk for spurious reasons (Source: UNIAN)

However, everything changed with the beginning of President Poroshenko’s infamous “Anti-Terrorist Operation” (ATO) in the Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, where Kulyk went as a volunteer. At that time, any law enforcers were afraid to go to the ATO zone, and would only go there on their own volition.

Later on, Kulyk’s experience on the frontlines would help him to get a position as chief military prosecutor of the ATO zone in from 2015 to 2016.

Confiscation of Yanukovych’s money

In 2017, Kulyk returned some 1.4 billion dollars to the Ukrainian state budget, which belonged to fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych.

The case against Yanukovych had been under investigation since 2014, but it was Kulyk who managed to obtain the necessary evidence that secured the court’s decision to return the funds to Ukraine.

Yanukovych’s assets were placed in the accounts of the state-owned Oshchadbank where they were frozen back in 2014. According to investigators, the money was laundered through companies registered in Cyprus, Panama, Seychelles, the UK, Belize and Austria. These companies were directly linked to Yanukovych and his inner circle.

Some of the assets were in cash, while others were in government bonds. It was Kulyk who managed to extract confessions from Arkadiy Kashkin, the general director of the company Gas Ukraine 2000, through which Yanukovych’s funds were laundered.

Kulyk managed to get a confession that Kashkin had become a fictitious owner of one of the companies of fugitive oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko. He was fined 51,000 hryvnias for fictitious entrepreneurship. As he did not have the funds to pay the fine, the court offered him community service instead.

Three years later, in the spring of 2017, Kashkin again made a deal with the investigation.

According to the verdict of the Kramatorsk district court, in the case of the 1.5 billion in Yanukovych funds, Kashkin had received some $2,000 monthly for his participation in a criminal organization, and laundering its proceeds. In essence, Kashkin sold his passport data for use by companies linked to Kurchenko – a confession obtained by Kulyk which enabled the prosecutors team to open the case on another crime – money laundering.

“It was Kashkin’s repeated confessions that made it possible to confiscate 1.5 billion dollars from the accounts of firms linked to Kurchenko into the state revenue. The second time Kashkin pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to five years in prison, but was immediately released from serving his sentence with probation,” Ukrayinska Pravda noted.

The investigation into the return of Yanukovych’s funds began in 2014 and only concluded successfully after testimony obtained by prosecutor Kulyk.

The case against Biden

After the successful completion of the Yanukovych case, Kulyk took on another high-profile investigation that promised to add billions back into the Ukrainian state budget, but instead ended up ruining Kulyk’s career, and his life. The case was an investigation into corruption at Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy firm.

Why did Kulyk switch his sights to Burisma? As he explains in an interview with the Ukrainian publication, “Apostrophe” in 2019, describing the events of 2014 as follows:

“In 2014, the task was set to organize an investigation into the activities of Viktor Yanukovych. Three groups were set up: a group on the Maidan crimes… Another category is state treason. I can tell you what I collected in the course of the investigation of the economic block”.

The stated there was a network of organized criminal groups, led by former President Yanukovych, who were involved in committing crimes by prior conspiracy. One group (more specifically, Serhiy Kurchenko’s group), for example, was involved with siphoning-off gas supplies, and profits.

The other side of this operation was a conspiracy to take the illicit profits out of Ukraine through (among other channels) a system in the Baltics whereby money was withdrawn from Ukraine by depositing it in the correspondent accounts of Baltic banks.

This is where Burisma comes into play in the area of money laundering.

Burisma is a Ukrainian oil and gas company, where the son of then US Vice President, Hunter Biden unexpectedly landed a top job in 2014. This appointment raised questions among many in both Washington and Ukraine. Oddly, Hunter, who has no competence in the gas industry and no ties to Burisma, but has a father who is the Vice President of the United States and the chief supervisor of Washington’s Ukraine portfolio at the time – low and behold, suddenly finds himself on the Burisma board of directors, where was reportedly paid $83,333 per month. With this premise in mind, it is not difficult to join the dots regarding a Biden cover-up. 

The Ukrainian investigation against Burisma began back in 2014. The charges include illegal enrichment and issuing subsoil use permits. Ukraine’s largest private gas producer and its founder, the Yanukovych-era Natural Resources Minister, Mykola Zlochevsky, denied any wrongdoing or violations.

In 2014, British law enforcement helped to seize some $23.5 million dollars in the accounts of firms linked to Zlochevsky on suspicion that they were of criminal origin. But when London asked the Ukrainian Prosecutor-General’s Office for documents on the grounds for the arrest, they were not provided in time, so the seizure was lifted.

The reasons for this, later revealed in 2019, in a closed-door session of the US Congress where George Kent, then Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, was questioned.

Kent said the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office received $7 million in bribes for breaking up the Burisma case in 2014.

After Hunter Biden thus joined Burisma’s management in April 2014, he allegedly helped Burisma establish ties with the consulting firm Blue Star Strategies, which helped the company deflect corruption charges from Ukrainian authorities, but the investigation continued.

In 2015, then U.S. Vice President Joe Biden demanded that Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin for investigating Hunter Biden, as Shokin himself revealed in an interview with Fox News. In fact, Joe Biden publicly boasted about removing the Ukrainian prosecutor during a Council on Foreign Relations panel discussion on January 23, 2018.

“Biden’s demand humiliated not only Poroshenko, but our entire country,” Shokin later said.

This fact was also captured on tape in a conversation between Biden and Poroshenko in 2016, when Biden demanded of the President of Ukraine dismiss the Prosecutor General. The contents of this conversation was a major feature in the infamous Derkach Tapes exposure. 

“I handled the Burisma case – it was a routine case because it was on the special treatment list only because of Hunter Biden and his father. I have no doubt that there were illegal activities there, and Zlochevsky the founder and CEO of Burisma asked me to fire him through Hunter Biden. They realized that if I continued to investigate, I would find evidence of Hunter Biden’s corrupt activities. For example, Zlochevsky recently received probation for paying a $6 million dollar bribe to close the case against himself. You will not give a bribe if you are innocent,” Shokin claimed.

Asked whether Joe Biden was involved in Burisma corruption, Shokin replied as follows:

“Biden in 2 gave Poroshenko 1 billion dollars in the form of “aid” for my dismissal, isn’t this proof of illegal activity?”

After Shokin’s resignation, these investigations were terminated or transferred to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU).

The timeline of NABU’s handling of the Burisma case can be illustrated as follows:

  • 2014 – Burisma founder Zlochevsky left Ukraine after he was charged with illicit enrichment.
  • March 2016 – Shokin’s resignation
  • Fall 2016 – the information about Zlochevsky’s wanted person at the initiative of the Prosecutor General’s Office disappeared from the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • February 2018 – Zlochevsky returns to Ukraine.

Kulyk’s Dossier: what Joe Biden fears most

At the time Zlochevsky returned to Ukraine, his case was already being handled by Kostyantyn Kulyk. During the time he was reopening the Burisma case, he prepared a dossier of charges against Hunter Biden. The seven-page dossier claimed that Ukrainian prosecutors had sufficient evidence of corruption aimed at Joe Biden’s personal enrichment.

The New York Times once wrote about this dossier. “The Kulyk dossier has not only revitalized the Biden case. The seven-page document he circulated also accuses American diplomats of covering up crimes committed by Biden,” America’s paper of record noted.

In a 2019 interview with The Hill, Kostyantyn Kulyk also claimed that he tried to personally hand over to Washington the information he had collected during a working visit, but the U.S. Embassy, then headed by Biden’s protégé, Marie Yovanovitch (not coincidentally, one of the ‘star witnesses’ of the Trump Impeachment hearings), blocked the issuance of a U.S. visa for the visiting prosecutor Kulyk.

It’s also important to point out that the blocking of this dossier was followed by the dismissal of the US ambassador Yovanovitch, which suggests that the Kulyk dossier had every reason to be seriously considered by the White House and the U.S. Congress.

Later, Kulyk was promptly dismissed from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office on spurious grounds, allegedly because the prosecutor with such vast experience, and who solved numerous high-profile cases, did not pass a rather dubious “recertification” exam which was imposed by the government in what appears to be a massive purge of the department. 

Nevertheless, Kulyk did not stop his investigation. Despite his dismissal from the prosecutor’s office, he decided to take the Burisma case to court in an attempt to repeat the success of his previous case regarding Yanukovych’s money laundering.

A year after his dismissal, Kulyk presented a scheme showing exactly how Burisma laundered its money.

Streamed live on Jun 22, 2020:

According to documents presented, all the cash that was in Ukraine was transferred to the West under fake contracts, and then deposited into accounts in the Latvian subsidiary of the Ukrainian Privatbank (in particular, with the participation of Wirelogic Technology AS and Digitex Organization LLP).

These sums amounted to approximately $10 million dollars per month.

From Latvia, this money went to pay for the services of western lobbyists of Mykola Zlochevsky. In particular, Kulyk made public evidence that $3.5 million dollars was received by the Rosemont Seneca firm – controlled by none other than Hunter Biden. Another million euros was sent to former Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski. This evidence was later confirmed by financial monitoring in Cyprus and Latvia, as well as financial statements of Rosemont Seneca’s accounts from Morgan Stanley Bank.

In 2020, at a press conference organized by MP and journalist Andriy Derkach, Kulyk gave details about the aforementioned $6 million bribe to close the Burisma case.

As Kulyk himself claimed, and as the website of the international network of independent anti-corruption investigators OCCRP said, the $6 million dollars was actually only the first part of an even larger bribe, which was supposed to amount to $50 million dollars.

IMAGE: Money planned to be handed over as a bribe to close the Burisma case

Kulyk said that as the head of a group of prosecutors, he officially reported all of this to the Ukraine’s Prosecutor General, and initiated in the SBU (Intelligence Services) to organize operational actions to fix the bribe by creating or using a controlled enterprise to which the second part of the money should have been transferred.

It is noteworthy that according to Kulyk’s information, the intermediary for Burisma head Zlochevsky was the same personal lawyer and top manager of Burisma company, Andriy Kicha.

“But then there was a change in the leadership of the Prosecutor General’s Office: Yuri Lutsenko was replaced by Ruslan Ryaboshapka. After that, the fixing of the bribe of 50 million stopped, and Ryaboshapka said that the case of Burisma does not exist at all,” noted Kulyk.

Also according to Kulyk, the money laundering scheme involved not only Burisma, but also the aforementioned company Rosemont Seneca, which was owned by Devon Archer, close to the Biden family. And that the money laundering took place at the very same time when Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were on the board of directors of Burisma from 2014 to 2019. Coincidence? Not likely. 

Moreover, Kulyk managed to obtain valuable witness testimonies to confirm his words. He personally questioned two Latvian citizens who serviced the aforementioned Wirelogic Technology and Digitex Organization companies. One of the witnesses serviced a separate account of Burisma, which was used only by Zlochevsky. He confirmed that at the direction of Zlochevsky’s assistants, he made various transfers for personal benefit. Also according to the witness, payments to Hunter Biden’s companies were made from this account.

Streamed live on Sep 16, 2020:

In confirmation, the witness provided the investigators in Ukraine with his laptop, from which the money transfers were made, and which had all the financial documentation on such operations.

What happened to this valuable evidence remains a mystery, but judging by reporting and the recent testimony of Andriy Derkach, the case is now likely closed, like all other cases relating to corruption of Biden and Burisma.

Fragment of interrogation of Latvian citizens who confirmed transfers of funds to Hunter Biden’s companies

Kostyantyn Kulyk drew attention to an interesting detail. All references to Rosemont Seneca, which were in the Burisma corruption case and were mentioned in the investigation, were mysteriously removed from the final case document when it was submitted to the court.

“Originally Biden’s companies were mentioned in the Burisma case, but in the version of the indictment that was handed down in the $6 million bribe case, those companies disappeared,” Kulyk noted at the press conference.

At the same time, Kulyk claims that “Biden’s family received more than $3 million dollars from Burisma”.

Streamed live on Jun 22, 2020

Thus, it is obvious that, having Kulyk as a witness, there would be amble evidence to bring both Joe and Hunter Biden to trial. Unfortunately today, instead of working in the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, Kostyantyn Kulyk is still being forced to reside outside of Ukraine, fearing for his life and freedom.

A second laptop?

In 2020, Ukrainian MP and journalist, Andriy Derkach, who together with Kulyk was investigating the corruption activities of Burisma, published information that he had a laptop with which illegal payments were made to companies close to the Biden family.

Immediately after the publication of this statement, Derkach’s page in the social network was blocked, and some time later Derkach and Kulyk were placed on the US sanctions lists.

Was this reflexive action by the U.S. government part of a high-level political cover-up by Official Washington to squash any evidence which might implicate Joe and Hunter Biden, as well as the Obama Administration, in Ukraine corruption?

At the moment, Kostyantyn Kulyk does not appear in public. The Ukrainian media reported that he is residing in Germany. Interestingly, the Ukrainian mass media (or rather, the SBU behind them), started searching for Kulyk, as well as initiate the wrongful imprisonment and physical assault of another investigator into Biden’s corruption in Ukraine, Oleksandr Dubynskyy.

As it stands, Kulyk, Derkach and Dubinsky are the only ones who can prove Biden’s corruption in Ukraine – by testifying to the U.S. Congress. This is likely why the Ukraine’s SBU has been issued a command to throw Dubinsky in jail, and hunt-down Kulyk. This is to say nothing of attempts on the life of Andriy Derkach.

After all, if there is a laptop with payments to the Bidens’ accounts, perhaps only Kostyantyn Kulyk can rightly decipher them – which ultimately makes him the most valuable witness in what could be the destruction of the Biden family empire.

Until then, Kulyk is being forced to hide away outside his home country, fearing a visit from the special services.

Here readers can see just how easily this case can be blown wide-open, if the key witnesses would be allowed to testify…

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