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Its Official: Our World is Governed by Psychopaths

21WIRE | The world descends further into a parody of humanitarianism and justice as psychopaths take charge.

BREAKING BAD: John McCain’s Campaign Rocked by Meth Lab Scandal

21WIRE + SPUTNIK | McCain’s political career has been plagued by a series of blunders and scandals.

Netanyahu vs. UN: Israel Threatens to Exit the UNHRC After Damning Gaza Report

21WIRE + RT | Netanyahu carries on as if nothing happened last summer…

The Establishment: Plagued with Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Useful Idiots

SARTRE | The oligarchic elite, including Democrats and Republicans in all branches of government are a special breed of psychopath.

Putting Politicians and Bankers to ‘The Psychopath Test’

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Who are these people who create so much misery?

US Sen. Lindsey Graham seeking authorization for attack on Iran

21WIRE + WE | Another dark soul is pushing for more blood in the Middle East.

John McCain: Out of Touch, Out to Lunch and No Longer Fit for Public Office

21st Century Wire | It seems that America, and the world, has had enough of the off-color antics of John McCain.

Our Assessment: Psychopaths Rule The World

21st Century Wire | It is a good deal more than hypocrisy, when psychopaths rule the world…

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