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Putting Politicians and Bankers to ‘The Psychopath Test’

21st Century Wire says…

This is a complex issue, and one must resist the temptation to get carried away with it. Yes, there are many psychopaths operating freely among us – that’s nothing new.

LIARS INC: Tony Blair serves as the archetypal psychopath-in-power for the 21st century.

During these troubled times, it should be a priority that the public be able to identify common psychopathic traits of society’s ‘key workers’ – those in decision-making positions, and seats of power. They could be individuals in politics, ‘third sector’ organisations, social services, entertainment and broadcast media, police, banking, heads of corporations, diplomats, or even members of royal families.

We can refer to a number of good pundits on this subject, including artist and author Thomas Sheridan, who defines a few general parameters that might help you to recognize a psychopath in your midst:

No Remorse (low empathy individuals)
(lacks conscience—shows no genuine guilt for their actions)

Invoking Pity in Others to Manipulate and Control 
(sob stories of past sexual/other abuse—claims nearly all their ex’s are  insane/alcoholics)

Mysterious Pasts/Vague Personal Histories 
(life story never seems to make sense—contradictory pasts—missing periods in their lives)

Invented Personas 
(an actor who’ll play the role ‘you’ require from them—until they change the performance/role as they learn a new script)

Not all people who share traits of psychopathy are true psychopaths, but we should be especially concerned with those in leadership positions who are operating above the law.

UK TV personality John Ronson gives a slightly lighter, but interesting take on how to spot a psychopath in society…

How to recognize psychopaths in daily life

Brasscheck TV

Who are these people who create so much misery?

The subtitle of the book is: A Journey Through the Madness Industry, where he asks the question, is there really a condition called “psychopathy”? Jon Ronson dives into the science, talks with the experts, and even meets with some “notorious” psychopaths.

The theory is that there who are people as lacking in compassion and empathy as some others are color blind and tone deaf. They just don’t “get” that harming others is wrong. Some believe that these kind of people are disproportionately represented in government, organized religion and the corporate world.

Financial expert Max Keiser uses the term ‘financial terrorist’ to describe the low-empathy, cold left-brain thinking which currently dominates elite financial circles – particularly in the City of London and Wall Street

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