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Biden vs Trump: Who is the Harbinger of WWIII?

Biden or Trump: who will bring us closer to Armageddon?

Host of Unbound, David Woo writes…

“Wars are bad for business but good for defense stocks. The outperformance of global defense stocks since the start of Biden’s presidency says a lot about the direction of US foreign policy under his watch. In an era where geopolitical risks loom large, the defense sector growth forecast remains a beacon for investors navigating the uncertain waters of the 2024 election and its impact on global markets. As the world grapples with the remnants of the Washington Consensus and the shifting sands of economic liberalization, Yellen’s views on China trade underscore the complex interplay between economic policies and global power dynamics. Against this backdrop, defense stocks stand at the crossroads of defense spending and its impact on economic growth, and the economic benefits of a peace dividend, highlighting a profound tension between peace and economic prosperity. The performance of the MSCI World Aerospace and Defense Index, despite the Boeing impact on defense stocks, signals a robust defense industry outlook 2024, buoyed by high-value defense stocks 2024. This resilience, perhaps a testament to Thomas Hobbes’ grim view of human nature, underscores the political risk premium attached to sectors pivotal to national security and NATO commitment. Biden’s strategy on China, particularly the technology sanctions on China, illustrates the pivotal role of US military aid to Ukraine in shaping the geopolitical chessboard. As defense spending increase aligns with US dollar strength, the narrative of economic impact of military spending evolves, revealing a nuanced landscape where economic impact of US defense aid and China’s adjustment to Washington Consensus play critical roles. The aerospace defense index performance, alongside the peace dividend benefits, offers a glimpse into the potential for a future where defense contractor performance harmonizes with the ancient ideals of trade and commerce in Ancient Rome, aiming for a world where election impact on the defense industry steers us towards a semblance of stability and prosperity. Why is the 2024 election about what America will do with the broken Pax Americana? Why is a second Biden term bullish for defense stocks and the USD and the opposite will be true under a second Trump term? Who will bring us closer to a WW3?” Watch: 







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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue