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What is NATO? What are they up around the world? Read our extensive archive of NATO activity and learn more about this globalist instrument of war...

Ukrainian Power Outages, the US 101st Airborne, and Russia’s Next Big Move

The New Atlas | An update on Russian operations against Ukraine this week.

Ukraine Targets Elon Musk, US Aid Dwindles, Kiev’s Offensive Depleted

Brian Berletic | This latest story which now pits American billionaire Elon Musk against a desperate Zelensky regime.

Will the War in Ukraine Bring Peace to Yemen?

Fra Hughes | As Washington gets more desperate at home and in Ukraine, relations between Saudi Arabia and Yemen may yet improve.

EU Wants Gas From Algeria, As Washington Plays Wicked Stepmother

Rachel Marsden | Unfortunately for Europe, Algiers has long maintained an officially nonaligned position, and isn’t too keen on throwing itself into the arms of the West.

Vernon Coleman: ‘Now We Know, The Conspirators Want World War III’

Vernon Coleman | A few months ago, World War III was nigh on impossible, but not now.

US Congressman: ‘We Don’t Owe Zelensky ‘A Damn Thing’

21WIRE | More and more, this issue is pushing centrist voters away from the Biden camp.

INTERVIEW: Col. Douglas Macgregor Debunks Latest Ukraine Myths

21WIRE | The western media claim that Ukraine is now winning big against Russia. But is this really the case?

Ukraine Blows up Border Bridges, Lays Landmines on Roads to Belarus

21WIRE | Belarus may regard this latest foray by the Zelensky regime as an act of war.

German Newspaper Debunks Fake Ukrainian Story of ‘Russian Torture’

RT International | Another fake emotive piece of propaganda planted in the western media by the Ukrainian government is exposed as fake news.

QUI BONO? From 9/11 to Nordstream – A New Geopolitical Game Changer

Freddie Ponton | What happened on the floor of the Baltic Sea?

Video and Text of President Putin’s Speech on Accession of New Territories

21WIRE | Putin marks the incorporation of new regions, and defies the “colonial” West and its rampant culture wars.

Patrick Henningsen: Ukraine, Russia, Tactical Nukes and NATO False Flags

TNT Radio | Why preemptive ‘nuke’ alarmism by the US and western media may be setting the stage for a western-backed false flag.

Ukraine Applies for Fast-Track NATO Membership, Rules Out Peace Talks

21WIRE | Under the likely orders of Washington DC, Kiev has moved the world one step closer to WWIII.

Did NATO Just Blow-up Russia’s Nordstream Pipelines?

21WIRE | Who is behind this deliberate act of sabotage?

Crimea: ‘Donbass Republics Joining Russia Marks a ‘Point of No Return’

21WIRE | While Zelensky insists the vote will change nothing, history and demographics – are not on his side.

Joseph Arthur with guest Patrick Henningsen on Ukraine, Russia & Referendums

TNT Radio | Joseph and Ruckus talk with Patrick Henningsen about the latest developments in Ukraine, and war of words between Russia and NATO.

Tucker on US Ukraine Policy: ‘This is Insane’

21WIRE | How it started, and how it needs to end. 

Referendums: Early Turnout Numbers on Joining Russia Revealed

RT International | The initial numbers are in, and all regions have met the minimum threshold for participation.

WATCH: Lavrov’s UN General Assembly Speech and Press Conference

UNGA | Lavrov slams the US and allies for hypocritical policies driving their disastrous 9-year proxy war in Ukraine against Russia and the Donbass.

VIDEO: Independent Media Covering Referendum in Donbass

21WIRE | The snap referendums have triggered a political crisis among G7 countries.

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