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What is NATO? What are they up around the world? Read our extensive archive of NATO activity and learn more about this globalist instrument of war...

‘Russia Are Destroying the Ukraine Army’

21WIRE | Ironically, the collective West are facilitating the disarming of Ukraine.

Henningsen: ‘Resilient DC Swamp Species & MSM Journalist Epic Fail’

TNT Radio | Unpacking the military-corporate joint venture that was the global vaccine rollout.

Ukraine: NATO Ally or Political Burden?

21WIRE | Can Biden afford to let Zelensky continue a losing war?

Roundtable: Is Sustainable Peace Possible in Ukraine?

21WIRE | What are the realistic prospects for a sustainable peace negotiation in Ukraine?

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – ‘NATO Pushes Vaccines in Europe’

TNT Radio | NATO’s central role in the ‘plandemic’, and comments on the recent coup d’etat in Gabon.

Explained: Germany’s Economic and Political Suicide Pact

UnHerd | Understanding Germany’s sudden reversal of fortune and what it means for Europe and the world.

Alastair Crooke: ‘Is US-NATO West Seeking Perpetual War in Ukraine?’

Judging Freedom | Is there any easy way out at this point?

US Intelligence Verdict: Ukraine’s Offensive Is Total Failure

21WIRE | The writing is already on the wall – the question now is how and when will Washington quietly slip away from the mess it created?

Blinken Declares ‘Crimea Is Ukraine’ as Kiev Increases Air Attacks on Peninsula

21WIRE | The US and its proxies continue to fan the flames of a much wider protracted war this winter. 

INTERVIEW: Arnaud Develay – ‘The West Now Pivoting on Ukraine Narrative’

TNT Radio | The situation continues to disintegrate for Zelensky and Kiev as the MSM calls for a reassessment of NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine.

AFRICOM: The Geopolitical Business of ‘Counter Insurgency’ in Sahel

Freddie Ponton | Has the US presence in Africa only brought increased terrorism and misery with it?

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – ‘The Problem with US AFRICOM’

TNT Radio | The USA’s attempted militarisation of the African continent has been exposed as a massive misadventure.

Henningsen: Zelensky’s ‘Final Solution’ in Crimea?

SUNDAY WIRE | Zelensky announces his latest military partnerships and other plans to ‘retake Crimea’.

Ukrainians Begin to Despair as ‘Bloody Counteroffensive’ Yields Little Gains

21WIRE | Many citizens of Ukraine are now adopting a darker mood about what is now a losing effort.  

Scott Horton: The Ukraine Offensive That Never Was

21WIRE | The reality of the battlefield in Ukraine is much different than the fictional account from NATO HQ.

Macgregor: ‘Ukraine’s Worst Nightmare Has Been Exposed’

21WIRE | This is now a humanitarian crisis that needs to be stopped.

Larry Johnson: ‘Is Washington Setting Ukraine Up For a Fall?’

21WIRE | Is the Biden Administration simply telling the Zelensky regime what they want to hear?

Ray McGovern on The Alleged Plot To Kill Zelensky

21WIRE | When will western politicians and MSM admit that Kiev is losing dramatically?

Col. Douglas Macgregor: The West Don’t Realize Russia is in an Existential Fight

21WIRE | Russia is embroiled in an existential battle which spans far beyond the battlefields of Ukraine.

INTERVIEW: Niall McCrae – ‘Globalist Designs on Africa, Ukraine & World’

TNT Radio | Why are the globalists are so interested in the Sahel region of Africa?

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