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UK Tory Meltdown: Liz Truss Out, Boris Back In?

21WIRE | A lot can happen in a week of politics. 

10 Scariest Flicks To Watch With Your Family This Halloween

Babylon Bee | Here’s the approved list of certified family-friendly horror films.

New PM Truss Already Less Popular Than Disgraced Boris

21WIRE | The worst poll result for a Conservative prime minister since the 2010 general election.

The Money is Running Out

Dr. Vernon Coleman | This is what the Government won’t tell you, and nor will the mainstream media.

Rishi vs Truss – Trying Hard to Out-Hawk Eachother on Russia, China

21WIRE | Clearly, they’re more focused on foreign policy rather than the looming economic crisis at home.

MP Liz Truss Wanted To Make Pornography Part of UK School Cirriculum

By Matt Chorely Schools are free to give lessons in pornography, an education minister has admitted despite concerns about the impact of hardcore images on children. Campaigners have warned that growing numbers of youngsters are hooked on graphic films found online. While lessons on pornography would focus on the impact and dangers of graphic images […]

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