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2020 Election Roundup: Does Anybody Really Care Right Now?

With Bernie on the ropes and Biden in the lead, what will ‘Act Two’ be for Tulsi Gabbard?
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After the early primaries and caucuses, followed by a trio of ‘Super Tuesdays’, the Democratic Party’s nominating process for the 2020 Presidential election has quickly faded from the public consciousness and barely cracked through the news cycle due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s a quick roundup of recent 2020 Election news, for anybody that cares:

The DNC insists its summer nominating convention is still on in Milwaukee as planned, but is probably privately plotting some Corona-contingency scenarios.

Former presidential candidate and billionaire stalking horse, Michael Bloomberg, is now facing at least two lawsuits for ‘stiffing aides on pay’ – the now laid-off campaign staffers said they were promised to be compensated through the general election.

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard officially dropped out of the race last week, offering her ‘full support’ for the party’s frontrunner, Joe Biden. Some of Gabbard’s most ardent supporters argue that her best days are ahead, while others, including 21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen, called foul as news of her drop-out broke:

Bernie Sanders is looking like the perennial runner-up, still hanging on as he trails Biden in the delegate count and his path to nomination narrowing to near impossibility by each passing day.

Bernie's campaign appears to be on the brink of implosion.
Feelin’ The Bern: Bernie’s campaign appears to be on the brink of implosion.

Sanders has been attacked by the left for failing to build a majority coalition and instead banking on his losing ‘30%’ campaign strategy. It appears the Vermont Senator has three options remaining, while his supporters sit traumatized in social isolation:

  • “Slow-Bern” – Stay in the race, spend the Bernie bucks, but tamp down attacks on Biden;
  • “Re-Bern” – Reignite his campaign somehow, claim Corona-crisis as license to press on;
  • “Bern-Out” – Suspend campaign, endorse establishment’s candidate, because that’s what Bernie does.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe is still toiling away at perfecting his digital campaign – hoping to breakthrough by November, and lead us all to victory over this coronavirus crisis:

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