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Super Tuesday Exposes An Illusion of Democracy in America

By Stephen Lendman

Longstanding establishment figure Biden assured continuity throughout his near-half century in the Senate and as Obama regime vice president.

His domestic and geopolitical agendas are polar opposite change for world peace and governance serving all Americans equitably — notions he opposed throughout his public life.

It’s why Dem party bosses want him as standard bearer in November. The same goes for anti-Trump establishment media.

They’re in pro-Biden against Sanders mode, the Vermont senator not considered “safe” enough — even though he goes along to get along most often, his rhetoric and voting record diverging widely.

With Klobuchar out of the race and Warren close to dropping out, the endorsement given both candidates by the Times will likely shift to Biden over Sanders by its editorial board that’s militantly hostile toward Trump for defeating media darling Hillary.

He’s criticized largely for winning an election he was supposed to lose, not for his high crimes of war and against humanity, not for serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of the public welfare — an agenda the Times and other establishment media support.

Biden’s domestic and geopolitical agendas are no different. Throughout his public life, he’s been pro-war, pro-business, anti-progressive, anti-labor, anti-governance serving everyone equitably— anti-what matters most to ordinary Americans.

It’s why the Times and most other establishment media will likely back him against Sanders and Trump.

In its latest edition, the Times defied reality, calling Biden “the change candidate” for initiatives like “universal healthcare” — a notion Republican and Dem policymakers deplore, Biden against it throughout his political life.

So are establishment media like the Times. Biden’s Super Tuesday performance had nothing to do with “a triumph of pragmatism,” as the self-styled newspaper of record falsely claimed.

It had everything to with the power of manipulation, things rigged for him to win 9 of 14 states, including Texas where Sanders held a 9-point pre-election lead but lost.

Not according to the Times, claiming voters resurrected Biden, not Dem party bosses, reinventing reality, including by claiming:

“(A) groundswell among moderates (were) fearful that a Sanders nomination would be a Republican dream (sic).”

So-called “moderates” from either right wing of the one-party are extremists wrapped in restrained rhetoric to conceal their hardline positions.

Polls show Sanders more likely to defeat Trump than Biden in November.

The Hillary-controlled DNC stole the nomination from Sanders in 2016, history apparently repeating now, Dem party bosses rigging things for Biden — supported by the Times and other establishment media.

The self-styled newspaper of record lauded Dem dropouts to consolidate support for Biden over Sanders, adding:

The former vice president “succeeded in building up good will among both his allies and rivals…on Super Tuesday definitely prov(ing) its worth (sic).”

Super Tuesday results proved that people power at the polls is no match against manipulation by party bosses for the candidate of their choice.

Post-Super Tuesday, Washington Post columnists formed a virtual pro-Biden cheering section, featuring remarks like the following:

“Relieved that…Biden had the superest of Tuesdays…relieved because…Sanders would not be a strong general election candidate against President Trump (sic).”

“His presence on the ticket would not only risk Trump’s reelection but also the potential loss of the House (Dem) majority and the chance for (Dem) control of the Senate (sic).”

No evidence supports the above claims. Polls show Sanders likely strongest among Dems to beat Trump in November.

Here’s more from WaPo: Super Tuesday results “were an endorsement of gradualism over revolution, and pragmatism…(that) should scare” Trump (sic).

Super Tuesday results showed ordinary Americans have no say over who serves in high office and how they’re governed.

“Joe Biden is back in business,” another WaPo endorsement of his candidacy headlined, saying:

“Suddenly “(he’s) invincible…rolling up” multiple victories” — what he never did before in two previous presidential campaigns, a proved loser magically transformed into a winner by the power of election rigging.

Claiming the “Biden surge was all about Trump” is malarkey. It’s all about the choice of party bosses, not the public’s.

According to pro-Biden WaPo rubbish, “Sanders and…Trump would constitute the most repulsive presidential choice in US history (sic).”

Virtually never do US voters get to choose who’ll lead and otherwise serve them in high-level Washington positions.

Voting is a waste of time because elections always turn out the same way — dirty business as usual always winning.

November 2020 won’t change a thing. Democracy in America is pure illusion, the real thing banned from inception.

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Read his newest book as editor and contributor titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III” at www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.html.

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