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Denying Baltimore’s Debacle by Pulling Race Card on Trump – Will Only Erode Democrat Support

Igor Ogorodnev | This latest exchange shows that Democrats are still stuck in a losing strategy.

Baltimore Teen ‘Protesters’ Attempt To Burn Pizza Store Owner Alive

Amir Alwani | Essam el Ghannam’s life does not belong to some 14 year old demon-possessed brat.

Freddie Gray Day: Baltimore Celebrates, But Knows Cops Are Rarely Convicted

21WIRE + Daily Beast | Charm City was giddy with a sense of justice after charges for six cops involved in Freddie Gray’s death. But it’s too early to celebrate.

The Joys of Looting: Watch As Baltimore Youths Tear Apart 7-ELEVEN Store

21WIRE | These looters shouldn’t be seen as representative of protesters in Baltimore, but sadly – they will be.

Gang Leader Impregnates Four Female Prison Guards

ABC News | One of the guards was twice impregnated by Tavon White, identified in court papers as the alleged leader of the Black Guerilla Family

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