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USA News Archives

INTERVIEW: Medea Benjamin – ‘Gate Crashing The War Party’

TNT Radio | Gate crashing another one of Washington’s pro-genocide confabs.

INTERVIEW: Arnaud Develay – New Book Exposes Biden Corruption in Ukraine

TNT Radio | Blowing the lid on Biden family corruption racket in Ukraine and Burisma black ops slush fund.

INTERVIEW: Niko House – Ben Shapiro vs Candace Owens and Problem With Zionist Politics

TNT Radio | Labels can be misleading when it comes to certain ‘conservative’ personalities.

INTERVIEW: Dustin Stockton – 2024 Election Change-Ups, Curveballs

TNT Radio | First rule: expect the unexpected.

INTERVIEW: US Senate Candidate Diane Sare on Biden, Ukraine and Israel

TNT Radio | What will it take to bring the country back in line with common sense foreign policy?

Biden vs Trump: Who is the Harbinger of WWIII?

David Woo | Biden or Trump: who will bring us closer to Armageddon?

America’s Lawmakers — Misguided or Treasonous Supporters of Israel?

Hossein Askari | Is Washington’s unconditional support for Israel hurting America and Americans around the world?

REPORT: Biden Asks Netanyahu for De Facto ‘Ceasefire’ in Phone Call

21WIRE | Will Washington ever make good on its promises to slow down Israel’s killing machine?

US Approves Transfer of Thousands of More Bombs for Israel

Dave DeCamp | Despite the murder of western aid workers by the IDF, the Biden administration still ships massive bombs for Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Trojan Horse In Our Midst: Time To Ban Dual Citizenship in US?

Hossein Askari | The issue is that of dual loyalty, and serving the interests of Israel first.

FLASHBACK: The Day Israel Attacked the USA

Wayne Stiles | June 8, 1967, another date that lives in infamy.

Why Ukrainian Witness Kostyantyn Kulyk Could Break Biden Impeachment Case Wide Open

SPECIAL REPORT | This case can be blown wide-open, if the key witnesses would be allowed to testify.

US Intel Report: Russia NOT Looking for Direct Clash with West

21WIRE | The ODNI report is clear, but will the policy hawks in Washington and London listen? 

US-led Aid Air Drop Operation Kills Five in Gaza

21WIRE | Two boys among the five people killed and that 11 others were injured in the incident

Biden Delivers ‘Darkest, Most Un-American Speech Given By A President’

Zero Hedge | An angry Biden shouts his way through the SOTU address.

Ignoring Immolators Lulls the Society to Sleep: Aaron Bushnell at Israeli Embassy: “FREE PALESTINE!”

Sam Husseini | We should see the agony that a determined Aaron went through – and try to end it.

The Lost Campaign: Nikki Haley’s Social Media Meltdown

21WIRE | She’s getting trounced. So why isn’t Nikki Haley dropping out?

Middle East on Edge as US Launches ‘Retaliatory Strikes’ on ‘Iranian Proxies’ in Syria and Iraq

21WIRE | While war hawks in US celebrate the missile barrages, the reality is that the US position in the region is completely exposed.

U.S. Congress Members Slam Ukraine Over Massive Embezzlement Scheme

21WIRE | The task of tracking the stolen cash has become almost impossible, because since the war broke out, Kiev has become a veritable ‘black box.’

‘Swarming’ the US in West Asia, Until it Folds

21WIRE | The state of play: The U.S. have created too many enemies in the region, with no viable path left that would legitimise their imperial posture.

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