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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Visit Palestine’ (2005)

Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Activist Caiomhe Butterly’s definitive journey into the dire human rights situation in Palestinian refugee camps. Working as a human shield to protect Palestinians, she experiences the plight of the native population there at first hand. What prompts a young, well-educated Westerner to risk life and limb as a peace activist in the Middle East? With her striking red hair and bright lipstick, Caiomhe defies initial expectations of the ‘typical’ activist. Motivated by idealism, she blocks bullets with her body and ignores threats to her own safety to alleviate the suffering that surrounds. Her story provides a rare insight into the everyday lives of Palestinians, moving beyond usual depictions of one-dimensional heroes or victims. During a siege of Jenin, her luck finally runs out and she is shot and wounded. With its harrowing frontline footage and intimate character portraits, this is surely one of the most powerful films to come out of Palestine in recent years. Watch:

Run time: 1 hr 17 min
Directed and Produced by Katie Barlow
Narrated by Caiomhe Butterly
Production: Journeyman Pictures (2005)


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