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Did Boris Johnson fake His Covid-19 illness?

Niall McCrae
21st Century Wire

Of all the theatricals of the last three years, one of the most dramatic was the dice with death by British prime minister Boris Johnson. Having won a landslide in the general election of December 2019, the widely popular Old Etonian found his fresh mandate diverted almost immediately by the deadly contagion from China. But was Johnson really blindsided, or was he aware of the coming Covid-19 regime before it spread from Wuhan? And if he knew, this leads to another sensational but serious question.

If you believe, as I do, that Covid-19 was an elaborate hoax, this burdens you with a need to explain how such a massive scam could be conducted so successfully. At what level of the powers-that-be would the truth be known, and who was running the show from the outset? Probably the vast majority of politicians, like scientists, health service managers, doctors and other clinicians simply took the novel coronavirus as fact, but leaders of prominent nations must have known more: in some cases, their contribution went beyond giving daily briefings to press and public to actively performing the pseudopandemic.

A leading character, I suggest, was Boris Johnson. His role in Act One, Scene Three of the Covid-19 outbreak was to get himself admitted to hospital, and to nearly die from the terrifying disease. If you deny the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, there are two possible explanations for Johnson’s admission to St Thomas’ Hospital in London in April 2020. First, that he succumbed to illness as a result of overwork and stress, although it would be unusual for a man of his age to be knocking at death’s door with a common respiratory infection. The second is that this episode was a psy-op to escalate fear in society, Johnson thus playing a key role in the Covid-19 scam.

Let us recall the sociopolitical context of spring 2020. Johnson, bête-noire of the progressive intelligentsia, not least for promoting Brexit, was as much loathed as loved. The Tory government, in a knee-jerk reaction by media critics and political opponents, was accused of reckless disregard for lives. The portrayal of Johnson was of a buffoon, scientifically and morally inept for the situation. His statement about “herd immunity” was lambasted, but perhaps this was all part of the play.

In the early days the government and its scientific and medical advisors counselled calm and constraint on Covid-19, implying an overblown threat. ‘Don’t panic’, as implored by the geriatric Home Guard on the BBC comedy series Dads’ Army, seemed appropriate to many, after several false scares in recent years. But my guess is that this was a holding phase, to present a stark contrast between the initial approach and the shocking declaration of an unprecedented mortal hazard.

A week after imposing lockdown in March 2020, Johnson himself tested positive for Covid-19. At that time, such diagnosis was widely regarded as extremely worrying, with a reported infection fatality rate upwards of five per-cent, increasing with risk factors such as obesity (Johnson is no pond skater). His supporters lamented his Cavalier attitude, visiting hospitals without a facemask and shaking hands with victims). Soon after, Johnson was admitted to hospital, as a precautionary measure. He rapidly progressed from being a case, to a hospital patient, and then he was transferred to the intensive care unit (for the official narrative, see here Boris Johnson and coronavirus: the inside story of his illness | Coronavirus | The Guardian).

Could Johnson be killed by the disease that he failed to take seriously? His haters hoped so. Piers Morgan, disgusted by the trolls, tweeted 5 April 2020, Piers Morgan on Twitter: “If you’re not rooting for our Prime Minister tonight & willing him to make a speedy recovery, then you’re a despicable human being. He is very ill with a deadly virus & his pregnant partner has also been sick. Incredibly worrying time for them & the country. Come on Boris.


He survived, of course, and one week later went on television (on Easter Sunday no less) to declare that ‘the NHS saved my life, no question’.

See video: ‘The NHS saved my life’ says Boris Johnson after leaving hospital.

Incredibly, he claimed that hospital doctors had been preparing to announce his death. Was he lying? At the time of writing, Johnson is still undergoing scrutiny for his dubious account of Partygate, a political scandal in which he and colleagues attended a party in Downing Street during lockdown. The man is certainly not averse to economies of truth.

Inconsistencies in the hospital story led to Marcus J. Bull pursuing information from the hospital and the Information Commissioner. Bull, founder of the lobby group Stop Lying in Politics, had previously tried to sue Johnson for a controversial slogan on a “Vote Leave” campaign bus. The highly effective message was that Britain was sending a vast sum of money to the EU which could otherwise be spent on the NHS. Bull failed to take Johnson to court on that occasion, but now he was convinced that he had evidence that Johnson had lied about almost dying. Johnson later retracted, saying that his condition had been relatively mild, and that doctors were erring on the side of caution.

Watch the video explaining Marcus Ball’s Deathgate accusation: Did Boris Johnson lie about nearly dying of COVID?

Two years later, on 6th June 2022, the hard-left ‘Tories eat your babies’ website Skwawkbox revisited the alleged lies by Johnson about his stay in St Thomas’ Hospital. The article covered Bull’s investigative efforts, and asserted:

‘Skawkbox believes that the evidence has shown since – and strongly suggested at the time – that Johnson’s actions were frankly murderous and his decisions were taken knowing that they would result in a huge death toll.’ Breaking: Johnson lied when he claimed he almost died of Covid, investigative prosecutor finds – SKWAWKBOX

This quote epitomises the abject failure of the Left (socialist or liberal) to understand what was really going on with the whole Covid-19 emergency. Locked in their political tribalism, they cannot see the wood for the trees. Skwawkbox referred to Johnson saying ‘let the bodies pile high’, as if that was cast-iron truth.

A properly critical perspective on Johnson’s admission to St Thomas’ Hospital would be to ask whether he was really there (apart from a photo-shoot on admission). In my cynical view, Johnson didn’t have Covid-19 because the disease, as we’ve come to learn, is a contrivance, and it’s very likely that he must have known the real reason for this particular pantomime. This would be a crime far more malevolent than the ‘too slow to lock down’ argument being posited by the statist Left.

I’ve heard many people say that Johnson seemed a changed man when he returned to duties in Downing Street. Could that be because he had just told the biggest and boldest lie of his life?

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