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Don’t Be Lured By the ‘Lab Leak’ Trap

Niall McCrae

21st Century Wire

Why Wuhan? For the most deadly pandemic since the Spanish influenza of 1918-1919, an enormous but hardly known metropolis from the Chinese interior was the source. The official story was zoonotic transmission of a bat coronavirus, blamed on poor hygiene at the city’s wet market.

While I saw from the outset the malevolent plot of Covid-19 to erect an authoritarian regime through an exaggerated threat to lives, I was temporarily drawn to the alternative explanation. The Wuhan Institute of Virology, funded by the US government for ‘gain of function’ viral research, seemed an obvious origin. While the lab leak was dismissed as conspiracy theory by political leaders and most mainstream media, investigative journalism by Ian Birrell in the Mail on Sunday reported lax practices and broken seals in the Wuhan laboratory, despite its intended operation at the highest level of biosecurity.

I suggested a laboratory accident in my report Year of the Bat, written for Civitas think-tank during the first lockdown. But months later I changed my mind, having listened to the likes of Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire, doctors Sam Bailey and Tom Cowan, Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante, and seasoned conspiracy theorist David Icke. In his Perceptions of a Renegade Mind, Icke argued that it was easier to enact a technocratic coup with a fake rather than real virus. A released pathogen would be unpredictable, likely to lose lethality, and scientific analysis would soon diverge from an initially contrived consensus.

Why didn’t medics and scientists see the scam? Covid-19 was, in my view, a carefully planned emergency, in which normal standards of science and ethics would be overridden. As the new virus began to spread in January 2020, Christian Drosten and colleagues in Germany provided the concrete foundation for the entire edifice, by identifying a genetic sequence through PCR testing, enabling screening for the disease. Incredibly, this paper was approved by peer review in 24 hours. Testing kits were already available in bulk supply across the world – one of many curious instances of readiness for a nasty viral surprise.

Doctors and health authorities uncritically accepted the existence of Covid-19 and its testing standard. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test, emphasised that this tool should not be used for diagnostic purpose, and that with high level of amplification of samples, almost anything in the atmosphere could be found by the test. Perhaps too conveniently, Mullis died in August 2019.

Instead of the widely depicted CGI rendering of a sphere with spikes (like a naval mine, but typically coloured in a sinister deep purple), the reality of SARSCOV2 is a code for a genetic sequence generated with ‘next generation’ genomic sequencing software found in human beings here, there and everywhere. It may be merely dead cellular material, possibly more prevalent with seasonal respiratory infection. This code, rather than any viral sample, was all that Pfizer and Moderna used to produce their ‘vaccines’.

The origins of Covid-19 has become a major talking point recently, after the Department of Energy suggested that, after years of denial by the US government, that a lab leak was ‘possible’. The hypothesis was then elevated to ‘probable’ by FBI chief Christopher Wray. Cue a deluge of ‘told you so’ from the sceptical margins.

As lamented by Patrick Henningsen on UK Column News (3 March 2023), some of the most respected and influential dissidents are riding on the crest of this wave of sudden Covid-19 revisionism. Robert Malone, mRNA vaccine inventor, tweeted on the ‘narrative collapsing’, asserting that ‘the lab leak killed millions of people’. Stanford University professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya, initiator of the Great Barrington Declaration, saw a belated shift ‘from putative conspiracy to legitimate science’. Fox News and Republican politicians such as Rand Paul renewed their calls for prosecution of Dr. Anthony Fauci and demand for reparations from China.

According to Henningsen, the lab leak is nothing but an official conspiracy theory. The narrative, far from collapsing, is unwittingly reinforced by halfway house sceptics. Everything reported on mainstream media is for a purpose, serving the ‘progressive’ agenda. What may appear as mea culpa is a staged performance involving well-remunerated fall guys such as Fauci, and British health secretary Matt Hancock.

Not only does the lab leak cause obfuscation and futile debate, it fools unwary sceptics into perpetrating the big lie. If you fall for this tale, you fall for everything founded on the fundamental falsehood of a ‘novel’ (and possibly manmade) virus. It diverts attention from the iatrogenic scandal of the vaccines, while also preparing the ground for a global pandemic treaty. Instead of fumbling politicians with their petty squabbles and egos, the unelected and unaccountable World Health Organisation will assume control of every nation’s public health response to any future threat of a contagion. This will be justified by the many ‘mistakes’ governments made with Covid-19, as now being highlighted in mass media. By the same token, it also serves to excuse any ‘mistakes’ by governments and the pharmaceutical firms, as they can simply say they were trying to react quickly to a potentially engineered pathogen from an unregulated lab in Wuhan.

The cabal of pandemic fraudsters must be laughing. As cartoonist Bob Moran quipped, gain of function is really gain of fiction. To date, there is no actual evidence that viruses can be made more lethal, despite the huge amounts of research grant money awarded and theoretical reports.

As the dust settles on Covid-19, even the sceptical community has much to learn. They are not always as ‘awake’ as they believe.

The stunning confluence of events and coincidences suggests that the Covid-19 global pandemic took years of planning. If so, it was the work of misanthropic geniuses who saw the potential for a power grab through a global campaign of fear and control, leading to a ‘new normal’ of digital surveillance and constraints on population and resources. The true sequence of events was in reverse. Rather than a virus leading to a vaccine leading to digital identity, the end point was achieved by mass vaccination, for which a virus was invented. Covid-19 arose not from a laboratory, but from a laptop.  

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