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‘The Unscientific Consensus’

Steve Falconer

21st Century Wire

Imagine you moved into a new community of 10,000 people, as you do, who all believed the sky is brown, not blue.

These same people are able to differentiate other things brown from things blue, like blue oceans, eyes, sapphires, robin eggs, parrots and peacock feathers too, from brown acorns, brown mud, dirt, …even brown poo!

When asked why then, do they believe that the sky is brown, when it looks nothing like acorns or dirt on the ground… they tell you that a 1950’s “scientific method” had found, you could throw poo in the air, if you threw it up high… and take zoomed close-up pictures of that poo in the sky…

As long as you cropped out the sky all around, the zoomed in poo-pictures were clearly all brown…all snapped in the sky… so the science seemed sound, “proving” the sky is most certainly brown.

To you, this notion seemed completely absurd. The sky looks nothing like a flying brown bird! You don’t care what they say or whatever they’ve heard, those aren’t pictures of the sky, just a high-flying turd!

“The science is settled! Go away!” they all say, “The sky is brown and it’s always been that way”.

So you propose a control experiment, the scientific way, to check beyond doubt that it is as they say.

You take pictures of the sky only, to keep it all fair, without any poo flying high up through the air.

Then compare that to things that are known to be brown vs things known to be blue, so you know which it isn’t and which it is, too.

You can see which it looks like, that’s the scientific aim, to double-check the validity of any baseless claim.

Not to prove you were right but to prove you were wrong, to find out the truth and then move along.

But the brown sky scientists won’t listen to you. They are funded by people who profit from sky poo.

Clever, conniving secret handshake type fellas, who profit by selling useless “sky-poo umbrellas”.

You’re a threat to their business and that’s what they hate, so instead of your control experiment, they propose a “debate”.

Ten thousand of us versus only one of you, the majority wins and decides what is true. Not based on logic, fact, observations or senses, but majority rules aka “scientific consensus”.

“That’s just how it is and how it will be. Don’t you just love Democracy? Besides, the science has been settled since the 1950’s. The sky is as brown as trees and wood fences, that’s the majority scientific consensus”.

“Besides, busy brown-sky believers have better things to do, than to research the fact that their sky might be blue. Now go away! As we’ve said all along, 10,000 people can’t possibly be wrong! The sky is brown and everybody knows this! If you don’t you’re either stupid or a conspiracy theorist”.

Yet, why would anyone be against an experiment to verify an easily falsifiable claim, unless… they were purposely playing a fraudulent game?

Well, if they own stock shares in poo-proof umbrellas, don’t you think that might have something to tell us?

Now you understand why virologists and Big Pharma will NEVER do our simple suggested control experiment challenge. Why the mere mention of it makes them bare all their fangs and their talons.

Why their consensus-cult lackeys go out of their way to undermine and slander every word that we say.

Why they attack our character but never our evidences and use logic-flawed reasoning akin to Homo-Neanderthalensis.

They should really be labelled “Ad-Hominem Erectus” if they can’t tell real science from “scientific consensus”.

It’s obvious that peddling pointless sky-shit umbrellas aka shit vaccines, is a lucrative business by any known means.

Why won’t they do the experiments? I think you already know.

Only an idiot would finance the take-down of their own trillion-dollar, cash-cow s**t show.

Author Steve Falconer is an independent researcher and filmmaker. 

For more background on the problem with the official COVID-19 and the ‘science’ of modern virology, read, download and share the paper entitled, “A Farewell to Virology” by  Dr. Mark Bailey from New Zealand.

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