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Planned Parenthood Cartoon Targets Children in New Puberty Blockers Campaign

It seems that social engineers are now taking their propaganda to the next level.

The Blaze reports…

Planned Parenthood has just released a new cartoon video titled, “Is This Normal? Puberty in Intersex and Non-Binary People, Explained.”

“As you go from being a kid to a grown up, your body will change,” the video is captioned. “Learn more in this video about puberty and what it means for you.”

But rather than “explaining” the norms of puberty, the cheerful cartoon commercial quickly steers kids toward “hormone replacement therapy,” “surgeries,” and “puberty blockers.”

“Some people decide on hormones or surgeries to help their bodies match up to their gender identity or how they feel inside about themselves,” the video tells kids.

“Your gender identity is real. You should be the one to decide what changes you want to make to your body,” the advertisement continues. “There are medicines you can take to delay puberty for a while. They’re called puberty blockers, and they work like a stop sign … puberty blockers are safe and can give you more time to figure out what feels right for you, your body, and your gender identity.”

On “The News & Why It Matters,” BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales blasted Planned Parenthood’s predatory new revenue source and revealed the ugly truth about these so-called “safe” medical “treatments.”

“The reason that I find this [commercial] to be particularly infuriating is because I know the truth about these puberty blockers,” Sara said. “I know the truth about this gender-affirming care, and all of these medications, and all of these things with potential side effects, and potentially irreversible effects that are not discussed within the medical community. The ‘trusted adult’ that they mention [in the video], the doctors, the nurses, none of those people actually tell you the real truth about what can happen.”

Sara then played a heartbreaking video clip of a “detransitioned” woman who suffers from borderline personality disorder but was misled to believe that a gender transition was the “cure” for her very difficult mental illness.

“I just took the cure that was handed to me. I was told that I was being given a cure, and I wouldn’t want to kill myself any more. Um, and it wasn’t true,” the woman sobs. “I lost my voice. I lost my chest. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to have kids. I feel like no one wants to date me or love me because I’m ruined.”

“Difficult to watch? Yes. Absolutely necessary to watch? Yes,” Sara stated. “Because this is the real truth about what the medical community is doing to all of these confused or mentally ill kids, and teens, and adults. And they don’t want to talk about it, but we will.”

Watch the video clip below to catch the conversation or find full episodes of “The News & Why It Matters” here. Can’t watch? Download the podcast here.

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