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UK Government to Phase Out BBC TV License Extortion Racket by 2027


The UK government has announced that it’s finally rolling-back one of the biggest state-run extortion rackets in the history of modern western civilisation. 

The BBC’s notorious “TV licence” fee is set to be scrapped by the year 2027, as the government has finally come to realise that threatening the public with fines and jail time if they refuse to pay £159.00 ($218.00) per year to have BBC propaganda beamed into their sitting rooms – is no longer a viable business model in the 21st century.

Officials have said that they plan to ‘freeze’ the Beeb’s annual £159 TV tax for the next two years, before eventually phasing it out.

As a result, the BBC corporation will now face drastic budget cuts in order to balance its unsustainable financial footprint.

Government ministers and archaic BBC executives are blaming the rise of new subscription streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Sky as the reason why they can no longer compete in an ever-diversifying media consumer market. While this excuse might fly in the halls of Westminster and the gastropubs of Holland Park, the truth is that media mavens and TV executives are aloof to the fact that their collapse in public confidence is because the majority of people no longer trust the brand, and do not appreciate being propagandised 24/7 by a biased state-run media organ. Nor do they find the BBC’s largely banal and bland content offering worth watching. None of this will come as a surprise to anyone who has observed the steady decline in the believability of the network’s journalism since the Blair years.

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The BBC has also taken a decidedly ‘woke’ turn in recent years, pushing a clear social engineering agenda. By over-injecting topics like diversity, social justice, and transgenderism into nearly all of its programming, it may have alienated a sizeable portion of its former audience.

The Tory’s Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said that the BBC’s next licensing arrangement which is set to take it to the end of 2027, “will be the last.”

Dorries adds, “The days of the elderly being threatened with prison sentences and bailiffs knocking on doors are over…Time now to discuss and debate new ways of funding, supporting and selling great British content.”

While the government may try and propose various creative schemes to try and fill the gaping hole in the BBC’s outrageous £3.7 billion annual budget, the reality is that public tolerance for subsidising egregious propaganda is wearing extremely thin – which means their viewing figures will continue to plummet towards total irrelevance. That said, the corporation will hardly be able to justify the raft of over-inflated salaries for its executives and presenters.

This latest pre-emptive announcement is likely to result in a sharp decline in remaining license payers, as the public will now view the broadcast behemoth as a sinking Titanic, destined for the Tory’s corporate ‘ship breaking yard’ of privatisation.

However, even if the government decides to sell-off some of the BBC’s departments, portfolios and assets, it is still likely to retain state ownership and full control over international propaganda operations and intelligence fronts like BBC World Service, and their soft power/regime apparatus BBC Media Action.

You can take that to the bank. 

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