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Gaslighting: The Truth About ‘Gain of Function’

Much has been made of the “Wuhan Lab Leak” theory and the notorious ‘gain of function’ talking point in recent months, as Americans and other people in the west look desperately for any scapegoat to pin the blame on for the alleged ‘global pandemic’ which has befallen the world over the last 15 months. They want someone external to blame – anyone but their own naive selves and their corrupt government-media-pharma complex. 

In the alternative media, much of the early hype was generated by various ‘whistleblowers’ who used the spectre of ‘gain of function’ in order to confer a certain mystique and incredible superpowers to the ‘novel’ coronavirus, and when added to a narrative featuring Dr Fauci and the Wuhan Institute of Virology – it had all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster.

However, upon closer inspection, the hype surrounding this seemingly gargantuan field of research does not live up to the reality of what appears to be a rather unremarkable area of research. While strides have been made in bacteria ‘gain of function’ research, very little if any actual progress has been made in the virus department.

In this video presentation, New Zealand’s Dr Sam Bailey dispels some of the popular myths surrounding ‘gain of function’ research, and shows why this popular conspiracy theory is actually being used to further advance the increasingly overblown ‘global pandemic’ narrative which is still being used by governments to terrorise and lockdown their populations and bleed economies dry. Watch: 

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