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CONFIRMED: UK Gov’t Already Planning for FOURTH Covid Jab in New Year

It’s all but confirmed. Governments are now revealing their true objective: endless boosters for an endless pandemic. 

This week the UK government admitted they are already in the planning stage for the next round of experimental Covid booster injections. Public Health mavens are citing the alleged “Omicron” viral invasion, as well as aggressive vaccine policies in Israel and Germany, as a pretext to move ahead with jab number four.

Israel announced that citizens over 60 yrs-old and healthcare workers are now eligible for a fourth Covid jab. “The world will follow in our footsteps,” said Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in a recent tweet.

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In Germany, health minister Karl Lauterbach has warned a fourth dose will be necessary to ‘tackle the Omicron variant.’ German officials have also shortened the period between a second Covid shot and a booster to just three months – down from six.

The UK Telegraph reports…

Britain is considering the rollout of a fourth round of vaccinations against Covid-19 after both Israel and Germany gave the green light to a second set of boosters.

Experts on the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) will examine evidence on levels of immunity given by three jabs as well as data on hospitalisations for the new omicron variant before making any decision on a fourth.

The government’s new booster push will also be targeting children, including a modified multiple injection schedule for ‘vulnerable’ children:

However, around 330,000 children with underlying health conditions in this age group will be offered two reduced doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, spaced eight weeks apart. Included in this group are also children who are household contacts of people who are immunosuppressed.

As it turns out, the government have already been quietly testing their four jab policy, initially to cater for those whom the state deems as having a ‘weakened immune system’:

People with weakened immune systems are already entitled to a fourth jab but the roll out could be extended to the elderly and other vulnerable groups in the UK. 

If approved, the government can roll-out their second booster drive immediately, as the only stipulation is that the fourth jab be given just months after that last booster. The first boosters were given in mid September 2021.

Any extra dose would be likely administered at least four months after the first booster, meaning the fourth jab – should it get the go ahead – could be available as early as the new year.

Another very interesting development in all this, is that after a year of pretending that the fake Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) number being touted by pharmaceutical firms (ie. “our vaccine was 95% effective in clinical trials”) as some sort of legitimate measure of actual vaccine effectiveness, the government are sheepishly admitting that statistically the vaccines provide absolutely no benefit for young children. In a shrewd damage control move, the JCVI have suddenly conceded that vaccinating 1 million children between 5 and 11 yrs-old would only prevent two children from ending up in ICU care. This bombshell admission indicates that in this instance at least, the government are relying on a more accurate Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR) metric, instead of the fraudulent RRR figure routinely peddled by drug cartel members Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna and others, and dutifully repeated by government and media. The Telegraph reports:

In a further development, the JCVI said it required more real-world evidence before recommending the mass vaccination of children as young as five. The committee found that a million doses among five to 11-year-olds would prevent only two healthy children from requiring intensive care.

Moreover, the JCVI’s tacit admission that the vaccines do nothing for children is a signal that the state may be hedging against the legal and political blowback which is sure to come following a reckless government attempt to turn their entire population into a giant GMO pharmaceutical clinical experiment by rushing the experimental injection through under an ’emergency use’ license. The increased risk of a myocarditis heart condition and other vaccine injuries in children shows that the children may be at a higher risk of a vaccine event than from Covid itself – a horrific irony which seems to be lost on mainstream media and censorship departments at Twitter and Facebook. Clearly, the public were lied to from day one about nearly ever major aspect of the crisis.

Increasingly unpopular Boris Johnson may to shuffled out of power in 2022.

All of this amounts to a stunning development which shows that the government may be trying to compensate for its inability to implement the draconian vaccine passport medical apartheid laws currently in place in major European countries, by instead fast-tracking a new round of experimental corporate injections.

Still, few are asking the fundamental question: if you need FOUR vaccines in a year, then doesn’t that mean the ‘vaccine’ isn’t very effective at all?

The further their agenda presses forward, the clearer it seems that the push for endless vaccines is really designed to preserve the need for Vaccine Passports as a tool of social and political control.

UK officials have been using the “Omicron” variant brand to sell the current round of boosters on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, despite that fact that scientists and medical experts have been saying how weak the alleged variant is.

Officials in Westminster are claiming that they haven’t made a decision yet, and that they are still waiting for a fuller picture on ‘The Science.’

The recent visit to government officials by vaccine mogul Bill Gates should indicate that there is tremendous pressure from the pharmaceutical drug cartels to push the next round of experimental vaccines through, as drug firms are certainly keen to record their guaranteed sales for the next financial quarter. Every government mandate or campaign translates into billions in guaranteed profit for the vaccine industry.

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