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NFL: ‘Asymptomatic Players Aren’t Transmitting Virus Even If They Test Positive’

A wave of COVID-related absences in America’s National Football League (NFL) this season have created an unbearable burden on teams and ancillary businesses, prompting a number of complaints from players and organizations regarding the league’s current testing policy.

As a result, the NFL have adopted new testing protocols this week.

However, in doing so the league is threatening to upend the official narrative on two crucial points: the myth of the asymptomatic spread and the widely misused PCR Test.

Now that the league has openly admitted what most smart people have known from spring 2020 – that asymptomatic people do not drive transmission of the virus, other major institutions could follow suit. If that happens, it will surely be a death blow to the prevailing Gates-Fauci crisis orthodoxy.

Kevin Seifert a staff writer for ESPN reports…

The NFL is battling the latest COVID-19 surge with an understanding that symptomatic individuals are driving transmission within the team environment, chief medical officer Dr. Allen Sills said Thursday, with no indications of asymptomatic spread.

That position represents a significant departure from the pandemic-long stance of public health authorities, who have warned about the possibility of individuals spreading the virus without being aware they are infected.

Sills first told the NFL Network that the league has not seen verifiable asymptomatic spread this season, and later fleshed out his point in an interview with ESPN.

“I think all of our concern about [asymptomatic spread] has been going down based on what we’ve been seeing throughout the past several months,” Sills told ESPN…

“Clearly if you want to look at the overall pattern and concern about transmission, it is not being driven by people who have no idea that they are infected and they are infecting scores of others. This is being driven by people with symptoms and the exposures during that symptomatic period.”

Most interesting is the fact that unlike the US government and mainstream media, the NFL have come to realize that the PCR Test’s cycle threshold value (CT) can either be dialled up, or dialled down, in order to produce a ‘positive’ or negative test result. It is through this fraudulent use of the PCR test that governments around the world have been able to conjure endless “cases” (false positives) and thus create the appearance of a ‘global pandemic’ emergency. Knowing this, the NFL have quietly implemented this caveat to their COVID-19 PCR testing regime:

Players must isolate for 10 days when they test positive, but the new protocols give vaccinated players several options to test out sooner based on a combination of negative tests and control threshold (CT) readings, beginning as quickly as the day after their original positive test.

While this crucial fact has been intentionally ignored by mainstream media and governments for 2 years now, this latest move by the NFL is at least tacit admission that the way the PCR Test has been used since the beginning of the alleged ‘global pandemic’ – has been fraudulent.

It is only a question of time now before the sacred COVID orthodoxy begins collapsing in mainstream quarters.

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