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High Hypocrisy: How Democrats Flip-Flopped on Vaccine Safety

Back before the 2020 US Presidential Election, the Democrats faced a real quandary on the issue of vaccine safety. As the election drew nearer, the entire political machine, including candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, explicitly warned that rushing the roll-out of a vaccine would be unacceptable to the American people (see video below). But that line didn’t last long. 

The following was said at the time by the AP: “Across America, Democrats, independents and even some Republicans do not trust his administration to produce a safe and effective vaccine on such an aggressive timeline.”

After November 7th, the party and the media both made an immediate u-turn on the issue.

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One year later, they’re now reticent to admit their own role in undermining America’s willingness to follow the government’s recommendations. Now it has evolved into a vindictive partisan issue, and is being used to divide society along newly formed lines of medical apartheid. This is not progressive, it’s regressive.

El Gato Malo writes at Substack

Tactical morality is worse than immorality

These are all the same people who now endlessly hector, force, intimidate, moralize, and mandate covid vaccines telling you how they would never take them because they do not trust the process, the drug companies, Donald Trump, or the federal government.

These are the people howling for the heads and exclusion of the anti-vaxxers.

These are the people who want vaccine Jim Crow and that are aiding and abetting the refusal to release the data on which these approvals were based.

Watch as they demand full data access before they would EVER consider “taking the jab.” see how far into the video you can get before you start wanting to throw things.

This was all an election stunt. They all flipped instantly the minute they got their guy in the oval office.

This proves them bereft of scientific or moral standing.

It, like nearly all of covid response, has been purely tactical, an expedient to serve an immediate political need.

Even the immoral have something resembling standards. but these people do not. they have none at all and will happily wrap themselves in whatever mantle and claims suit them at the moment. the fact that these positions might happen to be the exact opposite of the last ones is immaterial.

Mere months after telling everyone not to take the vaccines, they vilify and attack any who refuse and seek to mandate them by holding lives and livelihoods hostage.

This is the opposite of civilization. It’s barbarism and dictatorial fiat run riot…

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