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DANGERS OF THE INJECTIONS: Interview with Dr. McCullough (Part 2)

Yet another video which has been censored by YouTube, due to the fact that it contains a large volume of true and accurate information regarding the experimental COVID-19 injections. This information has been intentionally suppressed and censored by the media, Big Tech, government, and the pharmaceutical and medical establishments. 

This is Part 2 of an interview by John Kirby and Perspectives on the Pandemic with renowned American physician and professor of medicine Dr. Peter McCullough, who exposes the serious risks and dangers of the current range of experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines.’ McCullough shows how it has become the deadliest vaccine in history, and how it does not even prevent infection or transmission of SARSCoV2. All this and more. Watch: 

Proven COVID Treatments, PCR Fraud: Interview with Dr. McCullough (Part 1)

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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