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Afghan Belgian Citizen Shot by US Soldier During Evacuation at Kabul Airport

IMAGE: Crowded entrance to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, shortly after Taliban rule.

SouthFront reports…

During the evacuation in Kabul, a Belgian citizen of Afghan origin was shot by a U.S. soldier after entering the territory of the airport.

The incident took place on August 20th, when Belgium’s first planes were scheduled to evacuate people.

According to the reports by the brother of the victim, Hotak Jahanshir from Antwerp was shot at Kabul International Airport in the afternoon.

Brothers were reportedly waiting to enter the airport in a crowd at the northern gate that is mainly under control of U.S. forces. A Belgian soldier approached the crowd asking if there were any Belgian citizens and then asked them to come to the gate. At that moment, an American soldier opened fire and shot Hotak Jahanshir.

“I could see the American flag on his uniform,” Sherbaz told. “I got furious and asked why he did that, but he shouted, ‘Go, go!’ He said he would aim at my forehead if I didn’t leave.”

Jahanshir was hit by a plastic or rubber bullet, and his jaw was broken.

On August 24th, it was reported that an investigation had been launched by the Belgian Foreign Affairs Ministry into the shooting of a Belgian national. It has transmitted the necessary data on the incident to the relevant services, including those in Islamabad, Pakistan, but has not yet received any response or explanation from the allies.

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