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IPCC Caught Fiddling Its Apocalyptic ‘Sea Level’ Claims

More often than not, claims about ‘climate change’ coming from the mainstream media and government agencies end up being the exact opposite of what the actual data shows.

It’s happened again with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recent report declaring “Code Red for Humanity,” hitting the headlines this week to much fanfare and even more alarmism, including hyperbolic claims that man-made CO2 is somehow causing sea levels to accelerate uncontrollably. The only problem with this (as well as the other wildly exaggerated claims found in their report) is it is simply not true. In fact, real tidal gauge data shows that sea level rise rates have not accelerated at all.

It seems that actual real world data isn’t relevant to the elite coterie of hand-picked scientists providing the fuel for a non-stop media cycle anthropogenic (man-made) global warming propaganda. 

Climate scientist Tony Heller from Real Climate Science explains how the latest IPCC alarmist report completely distorts the reality of the current sea level situation and ‘climate change’ in general. Watch: 

Similar wild claims are constantly being made by activist scientists and then repeated in the media without question – like the claim that man-made global warming is causing the world’s glaciers to disappear. Upon closer examination, it seems that their ‘proof’ is in fact conjured by government agencies like NOAA who are routinely manipulating temperature data, thus giving an inaccurate picture of historic temperatures. NASA is also involved in regularly producing fraudulent temperature data.

It’s perhaps no coincidence this fraud is being used as the justification for sweeping new ‘green’ policies; the Green New Deal, carbon taxes, and even plans for intermittent ‘climate lockdowns‘ (yes, you heard that right), supposedly save the planet. 

In this video presentation entitled, “Ice Doesn’t Lie, But Climate Scientists Do,” Heller also explains how governmental science agencies like NOAA and NASA engineer this deception in order to push radical climate change policies. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue