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Is COVID Mania Wearing Off?

The last 12 months has seen the level of coronavirus hysteria reach a fever pitch which has been able to sustain itself due to a constant barrage of propaganda from politicians, pharmaceutical companies, and most importantly, from the mainstream media. But no one has done more in the service of the ‘global pandemic’ narrative than the new and expanding legion of so-called ‘public health’ officials and experts appearing across the media. Never before have medical technocrats and corporate agents embedded in government played such an all-encompassing role in the business of government.

Meanwhile, Silicon Valley platforms like YouTube and Facebook have assumed a Soviet-like authority over any public information or debate regarding COVID or the release of experimental corporate vaccines. As a result, YouTube does not allow any content on its platform which contradicts the claims and ever-changing advice on social distancing or lockdown policies posted by World Health Organisation, or any ‘local health authorities’ (globally). Hence, any speech which Silicon Valley censors interpret as dissenting opinion, or even actual facts – will be labeled “medical misinformation” and flushed down a memory hole. In other words, all speech on their platform relating to COVID-19 must correspond with the government or corporate party line of the day.

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But even with this unprecedented level of global censorship by corporate elites, large swaths of the public are no longer enthralled by Project Fear and the idea of a never-ending global pandemic being sold by the likes of Dr Anthony Fauci, Chris Whitty and others. As the hysterical narrative gradually dissolves, politicians, mainstream media and Silicon Valley censors are now becoming increasingly desperate to find ways to coerce the public into complying with an endless stream of new special rules, regulations and laws supposedly designed to ‘keep us safe.’

How long can the hold on to their newfound authoritarian powers?

Jordan Schachtel writes for Substack

The “public health experts” are scrambling to remain in the spotlight, and even their most reliable scare tactics are failing to keep the masses compliant, paranoid, and afraid. For the “public health” cartel, 2020 was the best year of their lives, and it seems that after one year of “two weeks to slow the spread,” they just can’t muster up the momentum needed to replicate that power high.

If you don’t know the beginning of the Chicken Little story, here’s a quick summary:

Under the impression that the sky is falling, Chicken Little sounds the alarm to his community. In telling everyone to run for their lives, he sets in motion a series of chaotic events that otherwise would never have happened. Chicken Little’s self-generated incident of mass chaos and confusion results in tremendous damage to his community, which later turns on him after they realize that his panicked warnings were all entirely unnecessary.

As COVID-19 has been revealed as an entirely political issue, at least half of the country is finally reaching that Chicken Little end point. A once panicked population, which for the past year has been captured under the spell of COVID hysteria, is slowly coming to the realization that power drunk governors, bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci and the “public health” cartel, and other snake oil salesmen have done so much residual harm in the name of a virus, while never contributing in a positive manner to anything related to COVID-19.

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