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Germany, France and Italy Suspend Use of AstraZeneca’s Experimental Vaccine

Germany, France and Italy temporarily suspended the use of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine on Monday, joining a growing list of nations that paused use of the vaccine in recent days over concerns that it might be tied to blood clots.

In addition, a further 18 countries have also suspended the experimental vaccine from being foisted on the public. They include: Spain, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Iceland, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Thailand, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Romania, South Africa, Luxembourg, and Latvia.

“Blood clots, particularly if they are large, can damage tissue or organs like the lungs, heart or brain. Severe cases can be fatal, but people with small clots can often be treated outside of a hospital with prescription drugs,” said the New York Times.

Since the news broke about the problematic vaccine, Government public health officials in the UK and US, mainstream media operatives, along with a brigade of Big Pharma loyalist scientists and doctors – have all taken to the airwaves in full damage control mode, as worry is setting in that these suspensions could feed “vaccine hesitancy,” as well as planting familiar speculative stories about a new “third wave” of supposed COVID infections, as well as the usual scare stories of alleged deadly “variants”. The New York Times ran one such story, making the wild claim that:

“Scientists also worry that suspensions could feed vaccine hesitancy at a time when some European countries are entering a third wave of the virus, and the world is in a race to inoculate as many people as possible, as dangerous virus variants proliferate.”

Bloomberg News, one of the pharmaceutical industry’s biggest media assets, fired out a number of reports in the last 24 hours to try to shore-up the hemorrhaging of credibility from the likes of AstraZeneca.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) sprung into damage control, releasing a number of desperate public health announcements claiming the AstraZeneca vaccine is completely safe, saying that because millions of people have already received it, then any blood clotting issues are trivial and people should not be worried about the safety of the new experimental corporate product. WHO have attempted to downplay any of the Norway findings regarding risks, brushing aside any possibility ‘causative link’ between the vaccine and any serious injury or side effects. WHO spokeswoman, Dr Margaret Harris, was keen to promote the product for AstraZeneca claiming that the controversial vaccine as “excellent”.

Of course, AstraZeneca is defending its experimental vaccine product, insisting it is totally safe.

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Big Pharma and its backers like Bill and Melinda Gates now face the prospect of a real setback for their aggressive vaccine push, and will no doubt be spending the next month in the media promoting the vaccines as being ‘safe and effective’, still touting the marketing line that the experimental jabs will prevent both severe illness and death from COVID-19. In many places across the world, it is the only shot available.

Meanwhile, co-authors Melissa EddyAurelien BreedenEmma BubolaJenny GrossRichard C. PaddockJennifer Jett, Gaia Pianigiani and  from the New York Times seem not to care much about looking acting as a willing PR arm of the pharmaceutical industry, saying things like this:

Public health experts expect medical conditions to turn up by chance in some people after they get any vaccine. In the vast majority of cases such illnesses have nothing to do with the shots.

As 21WIRE reported last week, an international group of eminent scientists and doctors had issued an open letter calling on the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to acknowledge urgent safety concerns regarding the controversial vaccines, or simply withdraw the vaccines’ ’emergency’ authorisation. As it turns out, one of their main concerns was the issue of blood clotting, as well as the risk of stroke and internal bleeding, along with warnings about autoimmune reactions. The authors also requested that the EMA provide any evidence that each medical danger outlined “was excluded in pre-clinical animal models with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.”

To date, they have received no response from the agency.


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