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Urgent Safety Warning: Health Experts Petition to Stop All COVID-19 Human Vaccine Trials

As governments and corporate media around the world shift into public relations overdrive promoting the new COVID-19 vaccine – in the hopes of fast-tracking the controversial product’s approval, it seems that neither politicians nor journalists are very interested in addressing the mounting concerns over the rushed nature of its adoption, as well as scientifically-grounded concerns over the experimental product’s lack of long-term safety data.

Normally, a vaccine product would take between four to ten years to develop and properly test in order to ensure its long-term viability and safety before being deployed into the general population. However, due to emotive claims being made by western governments, public health officials and media outlets saying, ‘we cannot wait that long for a vaccine,’ massive political pressure has been put to bear on government regulators to allow pharmaceutical firms to bypass, or ‘fast-track’ normal testing and trial protocols in order to release their brand new mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccine as early as December 2020. This means that after effectively skipping over normal long-term clinical animal safety trials followed by long-range clinical human trials, firms like Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna are being allowed to release their as yet unproven experimental mRNA technology into the population – after only spending a few months in development and human testing.

As US infectious disease expert Dr Tim Lahey remarked back in April, “In the desperation to save lives in the coronavirus pandemic, we have already begun to relax scientific standards in the hope of finding a treatment without waiting to prove that it works.”

There have been multiple reports of serious side effects, and even deaths, suffered by human subjects taking part in their fast-tracked studies. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) admitted this week that that six trial participants had died, four of who were in the control group, after receiving the Pfizer mRNA vaccine. Despite this and other reports, the FDA still claim that there are ‘no specific safety concerns’ that would prevent the mRNA vaccine being approved.

Leading the way in pushing for an unusual rapid roll-out of the experimental vaccine are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

“There’s a long list of things we don’t know,” said Maria Sundaram, from the Centre for Vaccine Preventable Diseases at the University of Toronto.

Health Canada is currently reviewing early findings from Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech and, more recently, the University of Oxford/AstraZeneca, but none of the three firms have shared their full data yet, and instead have simply issued a series of press releases making confident claims of “safety” and “effectiveness.” Some leading health officials are beginning to speak publicly on the matter, but the topic is being treated as a fait accompli by the media and political leaders.

While politicians, government regulators and the media seem to be accepting the word of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna, believing that their new nRNA vaccines have indeed ‘worked’ in clinical trials, the reality is there is still still no way of actually knowing if any of the corporations’ broad claims about effectiveness or safety will actually hold up in real-world scenarios. The attitude seems to be one of, “We’ll know more about the effects later on, after we vaccinate the population.” In this sense, politicians and media are effectively allowing the pharmaceutical firms to use the general population as one giant clinical study – something which is unprecedented in history on such a mammoth scale.

As yet, few appear to be brave enough to challenge this obvious problem, probably for fear of being attacked in the media, or being accused of ‘holding up the approval of this much needed solution to the pandemic.’

Unfortunately, these general safety concerns are only the beginning in a long list of specific concerns and dangers which have since raised by leading life science and medical professionals.

The following press release and call to action was published last week by Germany’s 2020 News

On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).

Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon demand that the studies – for the protection of the life and health of the volunteers – should not be continued until a study design is available that is suitable to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned scientists against the vaccine and the study design.

On the one hand, the petitioners demand that, due to the known lack of accuracy of the PCR test in a serious study, a so-called Sanger sequencing must be used. This is the only way to make reliable statements on the effectiveness of a vaccine against Covid-19. On the basis of the many different PCR tests of highly varying quality, neither the risk of disease nor a possible vaccine benefit can be determined with the necessary certainty, which is why testing the vaccine on humans is unethical per se.

Furthermore, they demand that it must be excluded, e.g. by means of animal experiments, that risks already known from previous studies, which partly originate from the nature of the corona viruses, can be realized. The concerns are directed in particular to the following points:

  • The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.
  • The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.
  • The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.
  • The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020.

LINK: Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr Michael Yeadon’s letter outlining serious vaccine safety concerns

CALL FOR HELP: Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon ask as many EU citizens as possible to co-sign their petition by sending the e-mail prepared here to the EMA.

Nachtrag: Wegen teilweiser Überlastung der Server hier der Inhalt der E-Mail und die Kontaktadressen zum späteren Selbst-Versenden:

An: [email protected]; [email protected]

Betreff: Co-signing the petition of Dr. Wodarg, Germany, and Dr. Yeadon, UK (submitted on 1-Dec-2020)

Dear Sir or Madam, I am hereby co-signing the petition of Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon to support their urgent request to stay the Phase III clinical trial(s) of BNT162b (EudraCT Number 2020-002641-42) and other clinical trials. The full text of the petition of Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon can be found here: https://2020news.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Wodarg_Yeadon_EMA_Petition_Pfizer_Trial_FINAL_01DEC2020_EN_unsigned_with_Exhibits.pdf I hereby respectfully request that EMA act on the petition of Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon immediately. Regards.





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