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Doug Casey: ‘It’s Going to End Badly with Civil War’

In this provocative interview, best-selling author and Casey Research founder, Doug Casey, warns of America’s deepening ideological polarization and political division, where he contends that “two groups disagreeing on real fundamentals shouldn’t be in the same political entity together.” In this sense, the resulting intense conflict – even violent conflict – might be inevitable. 

As a result the United States finds itself on a historic trajectory from which there may not be an off-ramp. The current impasse is a result of decades in which the globalist elite (including those based within the US) have been playing both sides of the political isle in order to instigate political polarization with the ultimate aim of destablizing the Constitutional Republic. According to Casey, despite all of his congenial faults, President Donald Trump was the only president in generations who hasn’t been bought off by these same transnational elite interests. 

In part one of this in-depth interview with host Daniela Cambone from Stansberry Research, guest Casey posits that the country is “on the cusp of a civil war.” Watch:

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