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Trump’s Legal Battle: Constitutional vs the Political Arguments Explained

According to Time Magazine, “Joe Biden won the presidential election on Saturday after the Associated Press called him the winner.” But can the mainstream media really ‘call’ the winner of US elections?

In the meantime, President Trump has filed roughly 12 lawsuits in both the state and federal courts, with various interventions, including the halting of vote-counting in order to ascertain the legitimacy of late ballots, and to disqualify tranches of possibly illegal ballots. Lawsuits have been filed in states including (by not limited to) Pennsylvania, Nevada, Georgia, and Michigan — all states where Biden’s achieved a mysterious and miraculous comeback late in the evening of the election, and where his margin of victory was very slim, and also states where a recount is likely.

“The Democrats seem to want to vote earlier and earlier, and count later and later,” said Mark Levin.

In this episode of Life Liberty and Levin, host Mark Levin speaks with guest Ken Starr and Hans von Spakovsky, about the current controversy over ballot counting in key swing states. Watch: 

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