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Michael Bloomberg’s $100M on Biden Campaign in Florida, Ohio, Texas Was a Bust

Michael Bloomberg

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who blew through $1 billion of his fortune on a failed Democratic Primary run, squandered another $100 million to help Joe Biden win key swing states Florida, Ohio and Texas. There was just one problem – the whole plan was a gigantic political fantasy and it busted bigly.

These large Republican leaning swing states were flooded with ‘Bloomberg bucks’ to help turn out the black and Latino vote for the Biden campaign. It failed miserably in Florida where the incumbent Donald Trump won the state’s 29 electoral votes and made significant gains especially among Latino voters, according to a report by NBC News:

“Trump showed up in Florida. He asked us what our issues are and he addressed them. He didn’t take us for granted,” said Bertica Cabrera Morris, a longtime Republican strategist and one of the 20 board members of Latinos for Trump.

A real ‘gut check’ for the Democrats coming out of this wild 2020 election season:

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