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Piers Morgan Attacks Kanye West for Not Wearing Mask During London Visit

As lockdowns continue to be exposed as ineffective and hugely damaging to society, the Establishment are redeploying their cadre of highly paid media gatekeepers to try and divide the public on the issue – by ‘naming and shaming’ and smearing anyone who is supposedly guilty of not obeying the central government diktats.

In the UK, one such reliable tool of the Establishment is TV presenter Piers Morgan, who has served as one of the Government’s primary bullhorns for promoting reactionary lockdown policies – originally sold to the public as a necessary evil to “Save the NHS”  from deluged by COVID-19 victims. Only the plague which Government and Morgan had promised never actually arrived.

Unfortunately, the same failed policies haven’t left, and the Government is currently doubling-down on its ‘Second Wave’ campaign in an attempt to reimpose harsh lockdowns and other damaging measures – all in the name of “saving lives.”

This week, Morgan launched an attack on American pop artist Kanye West, for supposedly flaunting quarantine and mask regulations in London. Good Morning Britain host Morgan lashed out at West saying:

“It’s a disgrace that Kanye West can walk around London with no quarantine, when everybody else has to quarantine, who does he think he is?” Watch:

UK Metro reports…

Piers Morgan has criticised Kanye West after he was seen appearing to ‘break quarantine rules’ after jetting into London with his daughter North, seven.

The rapper, 43, is based over in the US, where his family resides in LA and owns a multi-million dollar ranch in Wyoming, but was seen in the city over the weekend with North.

His appearance has caused some confusion as America is currently on the UK’s ‘quarantine list’ when it comes to travel restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Travel from those countries red-listed require you to self-isolate for 14 days on arrival to the UK.

Good Morning Britain host Piers hit out at Kanye as he questioned whether the Gold-Digger hit-maker had gone against quarantine rules and, if so, why he had been allowed to.

He suggested that seeing celebrities going against quarantine measures in place sends out the wrong message to young people and makes them more likely to go against the rules themselves.

‘We seen Kanye coming into London, he’s in the US one day, flying into London the next,’ Piers said, accusing Kanye of ‘deliberately ignoring the rules’ everybody else is ‘abiding’ by.

‘It causes incredible resentment,’ he suggested. ‘That’s why so many young people in particular go, “well, if they’re not going to do it, neither are we.”‘

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