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CORONAVIRUS: Perspectives from on the ground in Sweden

As Europe and North America continue to descent into economic and social chaos after imposing ‘Lockdown’ on their populations, other countries have opted to keep their economies and societies open with no lockdown. One example is the relative success of the Scandinavian country of Sweden. While countries like the UK and US continue to see unusually large death tolls, alongside record unemployment and financial devastation – Sweden has suffered only moderately, achieving equal or better medical results than most European lockdown states – without all of the economy damage and conflict between a suffering public and their increasingly remote governments. By avoiding the experimental lockdown approach, Sweden is now well underway to achieving natural herd immunity.

Unlike most other countries, Sweden is not enforcing any strict quarantine measures to combat COVID-19, nor has it closed any of its borders. Rather, Swedish health authorities have issued “guidelines” for social distancing and other common sense measures on hygiene, travel, public gatherings, and protecting the vulnerable, as well as keeping all pre-schools, primary and secondary schools open, while closing college and universities who have resumed online lessons. Is Donald Trump right to characterize Sweden as a ‘disaster’? Why are the western media so determined to see Sweden fail?

Gothenberg residents Evan Thomas (American) and Julia Rose (Swedish) discussing their perspective on the the COVID-19 crisis in Sweden. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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