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COVID-19 Marshall Plan: Plunging UK Into Debt on a False Pretext

Independent analyst Andrew Mather presents his Regular Chart Update for the global crisis, this time with a brief intro into what is shaping up to be a “Marshall Scam,” whereby the UK and other countries who voluntarily suspend democracy and summarily imploded their economies and societies in order to declare ‘war against an invisible enemy’ – will now require untold amounts of loans, emergency finance, and post-war austerity. All in order to limp forward into 2021, under a new and more centralised, corporatised and globalised Medical Marshall Law regime.

Right now for the Establishment, it’s a race against time. Will government and the central bankers be able to execute their COVID-inspired coup d’etat in time before the native become too restless? Watch: 

Download PDF of this presentation here

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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