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German Scientist Casts Doubt on Lockdown Logic, ‘Coronavirus Doesn’t Spread That Easy’

Leading German virologist questions popular hysterical contagion claims about coronavirus, telling German TV that there had been ‘no proven infections while shopping or at the hairdressers.’

As spring arrives in Europe, governments who had initially panicked and ordered a complete ‘lockdown’ of their entire society and real economies – are now worried that too many people will be drawn outdoors because of the sunshine and good weather. The government in Westminister has ordered the population to “stay home and protect the NHS,”  meaning that if anyone steps outside of their home that they will somehow be putting the country and its National Health Service at risk by spreading the coronavirus in public. But are such categorical claims actually true?

However, actual investigations show that these widely held assumptions about the spread of the virus may not be true. When able to challenge the widely received quarantine logic, some scientists have demonstrated showing that many of the core western government and mainstream media claims about how COVID-19 spreads is based on pseudo science and what amounts to heavily laundered government and media ‘science’ talking points.

One leading scientist from Germany has cast real doubts on how the many of the widely-held assumptions which mainstream media commentators and politicians are claiming about how “social distancing” is the only way to stop the coronavirus from spreading across the country. A team of experts is heading to a village that which been dubbed as ‘Germany’s Wuhan’, in order to mount an actual forensic investigation and learn more information about how much it’s actually spreading.

The UK’s Telegraph reports…

Coronavirus has not been spread by shopping or going to the hairdresser, a leading virologist has said after studying a hotspot for the virus.

Prof Hendrik Streeck, leading the response in one of Germany’s worst-hit regions, said Covid-19 might not be spread as easily as people believe.

But it came as Boris Johnson warned that lockdown measures in the UK may have to be tightened amid signs they were beginning to meet resistance.

Official figures showed a “concerning” uptick in the number of people using transport, particularly their cars.

Experts warned the Government it needed to have the public’s trust to persuade people to follow the measures.

In his research, Prof Streeck said the home of an infected family his team visited “did not have any live virus on any surface” including on phones, door knobs or even the pet cat’s fur.

He told German TV “there are no proven infections while shopping or at the hairdresser” and that Germany’s “patient zero” only infected her colleagues and not other guests or diners at the hotel where she was staying.

“The virus spreads in other places: the party in Ischgl, the club in Berlin, the football game in Bergamo,” he said.

“We know it’s not a smear infection that is transmitted by touching objects, but that close dancing and exuberant celebrations have led to infections.”

He said he was not calling for the end to social distancing but there remained unknowns about the virus that may throw current guidance into doubt.

Prof John Newton, Director of Public Health Improvement for Public Health England, insisted lockdown was still required and should “continue really as long as the scientific evidence suggested that was the right thing.”

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