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Coronavirus Exposes Hong Kong’s Fake ‘Pro-Democracy’ Mobs

Joseph Thomas
21st Century Wire

While the large street mobs plaguing Hong Kong’s streets have more or less subsided, the foreign-funded movement and its supporters continue seeking every opportunity to perpetuate their agenda.

This agenda, despite the Western media claiming it is centred on advancing human rights and democracy while opposing Beijing’s “authoritarianism,” is in all actuality merely racist and anti-Chinese, a scion of both British and American attempts to impose their rule on Hong Kong and use the territory as a vector to project power across into mainland China.

Far from the conclusions reached by pro-Beijing media, the most recent example of the so-called “pro-democracy” movement’s overt racism and its attempts to hide behind legitimate excuses was covered by the pro-Western South China Morning Post (SCMP).

The article titled, “More than 100 HK restaurants refuse to serve customers from China,” at first attempts to depict supporters of the recent “pro-democracy” mobs barring mainlanders as taking measures merely to fend off the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

But soon even the pro-Western newspaper is forced to admit not only legitimate human rights concerns regarding what is clearly a racist and discriminatory policy, but that the restaurants involved are indeed supporters of the recent anti-Chinese mobs indicating that their real motivation is political and concerns regarding the coronavirus are a poor attempt to disguise it.

The article claims:

More than 100 restaurants in Hong Kong have refused to serve diners from mainland China during the coronavirus outbreak, according to a human rights group that is warning firms against crossing the line into racial discrimination.

The article however eventually admits that one of the restaurants investigated was previously and openly a supporter of anti-Chinese mobs masked as “pro-democracy” protests. The article stated:

The findings came three weeks after the EOC advised Kwong Wing Catering, a popular local restaurant chain — which supported the anti-government protesters who took to the city’s streets from last June — to remove notices displayed at its outlets. Those posters said the eatery would only serve Hongkongers and that its staff did not speak Mandarin.

While organisations like the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and others are stepping up to speak out against this pattern of increasingly bold racism and discrimination, silent are the same foreign organisations that supported the anti-Chinese mobs at the height of their violence on the grounds of defending “human rights.”

The mobs then and now continue a blatant agenda of racism and discrimination, not against the government in Beijing and its policies but clearly against the over 1.3 billion people of China itself.

This reveals the movement, backed by Washington, London and Brussels, as merely hiding behind notions like democracy and human rights while in actuality trampling both while pursuing agendas built on the worst imaginable values (or lack there of).

In a time of crisis like this most recent coronavirus outbreak, those truly dedicated to humanity and its movement forward into a better future are revealed. So too are those who merely pose as progressives yet seek every opportunity to exploit the misfortune of others to advance their own self-serving and ultimately anti-social agendas.

The coronavirus has served as a litmus test, exposing the true nature of individuals, organisations and nations alike.

The “pro-democracy” mobs and their supporters have been put to the test as well, and to no one’s surprise, they have failed.

For the rest of the world looking on, if they haven’t already entirely tuned out Hong Kong’s disingenuous faux democracy movement, they now have another example of the West and its “pro-democracy” proxies revealing their true nature.

The coronavirus has caused much damage to individuals’ health, to the economy and strained relations between nations, but it has also helped shine a light on many who have for too long posed as forces of good while all along perpetuating the very worst.

Joseph Thomas is chief editor of Thailand-based geopolitical journal, The New Atlas and contributor to the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”. This article was originally published at NEO.

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