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Blair’s War on Corbyn: Warns ‘Antisemitism’ Smear Campaign Will Intensify Before Election

Ever since the popular emergence of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in 2015, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has been busy – diligently working in the background, organising various columns of opposition within the Labour Party and through other well-funded special interest groups, with a singular objective: to take down the Labour leader and force his party back to its previous right-of-centre position it occupied during 12 years of New Labour.

One of the main phalanxes for bringing down Corbyn and his party allies, has been a sophisticated multi-pronged “antisemitism” smear campaign, designed to weaken both party and public confidence in Corbyn’s leadership ability, and ultimately to split the Labour by using the contrived crisis to create artificial division within the party. Looking back at 2019, this plan seems to have worked, so far.

To help reinforce Blair’s ‘antisemitism’ bona fides, in June 2015 he was gifted the role of chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, said to be in charge of “tackling antisemitism” across the continent. Enter 2017, when the “antisemitism in Labour” political and media campaign began accelerating. This smear operation was coordinated out of the Israeli Embassy in London, and incredibly, the entire blueprint for this operation was exposed in detail in Al Jazeera’s 2017 investigative documentary, The Lobby. To help with the task of bringing down Corbyn, Blair has enjoyed tactical support from Britain’s mainstream corporate media, and in particular, his old ally Rupert Murdoch and his UK paper, The Times. The Israeli Lobby could also count on the full support of the Tory government in helping to promulgate this weaponised libel campaign of “antisemitism in Labour.”  Thus far, their defamation campaign has been cold and efficient, and has effectively split the Parliamentary Labour Party, although the grassroots membership are for the most part still loyal to the leadership.

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With the country’s General Election only five weeks away, Tony Blair has finally come out from behind the shadows to declare open warfare against the Labour leader, all but threatening to bludgeon the left-wing leader with the full force of The Lobby and its loyal media network. During a meeting earlier this week with the Board of Deputies of British Jews president’s dinner, Blair revealed his true intentions, issuing what can only be described as a not-so-veiled threat to destroy Jeremy Corbyn:

“Let me be frank, there is going to be a complete battle in the Labour Party because what has happened over these past years — particularly over antisemitism — is absolutely killing the party.”

Blair went on to explain to a friendly audience of Jewish community luminaries how he intends to re-frame the issue of Israel and Palestine to the British public and electorate, in a way that’s more palatable to Israeli interests, by insisting that there is “a need to explain Zionism and the way Israel was created and why it deserves support today .… Israeli democracy is a real democracy.”

Here Blair reveals the key objective of this entire ‘antisemitism in Labour’ smear campaign. It’s about inverting reality. The campaign will only work if charges of ‘antisemitism’ against Corbyn and other Labour members like Chris Williamson are based solely on the false premise that anyone who supports the basic human rights of the Palestinian people, or demands an end to Israel’s illegal occupation of the Palestinian territories – will be framed as anti-Jewish and then defamed and libeled as a racist and an ‘antisemite.’

On this issue, the US, Israel and much the British establishment are ‘shoulder to shoulder’ – they will not allow any leader or party to take control of Downing Street which might be, A) sympathetic to the Palestinian cause, B) hostile to Israeli expansion, or C) which might lean towards a non-interventionist foreign policy.

The Lobby took their defamation campaign up a level this week, by pushing the completely fraudulent claim that fearful British Jews are going to flee the country in droves if Jeremy Corbyn wins the upcoming General Election and becomes Prime Minister. This latest phase the smear campaign was fronted by the Jewish Chronicle which ran a completely over-the-top front page on Thursday, which read: This front page is addressed not to our usual readers — but to those who would not normally read the Jewish Chronicle. In other words, to non-Jews. This is why:”

The paper then went on to claim, “that nearly half (47 per cent) of the Jewish community said in that same poll that they would “seriously consider” emigrating if Mr Corbyn wins on December 12…”

A baseless claim for sure, but it is indicative of just how desperate Blair, Murdoch, Tory elites, and the Israeli Lobby are to head-off any chance of a successful Corbyn run at Downing Street.

To aid in their efforts, Blair and The Lobby have found a willing accomplice in the Liberal Democrat Party and its leader divisive leader Jo Swinson, who has openly endorsed the Jewish Chronicle’s outlandish fear claims:

It is yet unclear exactly how far Blair will go in his quest to slander the current Labour leader. It would not be at all surprising if Blair took to the road over the next month and traveled to the European continent and the US in order to build-up international fear and revulsion towards a potential Corbyn government, just as he did this past summer while touring Israel in an effort to convince Israelis that Corbyn was indeed an antisemite.

Regardless of the election outcome in December, history will have noted the marked demise of intellectual and moral standards in British politics – a mission which has been spearheaded by one of Britain’s most reviled political figures ever – and a man who was caught red-handed, lying to the electorate in order to take the country into an illegal war in Iraq in 2003.

Longtime Labour supporter and famous British comedian, Alexei Sayle, put it best when he said, “The search for antisemitism in the Labour Party is the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ of our age.”

Indeed, no evidence could be found in either case.

As with Iraq, Blair’s latest campaign of deception will not end well for the belligerent parties either.

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