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Netflix, Attenborough Caught Lying About Walruses Committing ‘Climate Suicide’

This latest episode demonstrates that Hollywood and the mainstream establishment will go to any lengths in order to advance a highly politicized agenda underpinned by an ‘end times’ anthropogenic global warming narrative.

During the recent 2018 Netflix documentary entitled, Our Planet, world-famous documentary filmmaker and climate change activist David Attenborough, narrated a harrowing scene of arctic walruses in eastern Siberia falling down a rocky cliff to their deaths. The emotive scenes were gruesome to say the least, and Attenborough and British director Sophie Lanfear seem to have gone to great lengths to make viewers believe that the horrific scene they were watching were the result of ‘climate change’ – when in fact a number of other real factors were indeed at play. Moreover, it appears that the film’s editors also mislead viewers about the actual location of the alleged ‘mass climate suicide.’

First watch the original manipulated Netflix scene:

Here is the actual story which Attenborough and Netflix do not want the public to see. Rather than tell viewers the real cause of this scene, instead Lanfear and her male colleague simply invented their own pseudo-scientific explanation on the spot and blamed the walrus deaths on “climate change.” It does not appear that the production employed any fact-checking oversight to validate any of the wild claims being made by members of the film’s production team. Not surprisingly, a leading establishment war propagandist, Christiane Amanpour, was drafted in to help promote this highly misleading climate documentary on her program Amanpour & Co. Watch:

Even worse is the distinct possibility that the expensive film crew may have influenced events by virtue of their presence on location. A report by RT International notes:

“Some eagle-eyed viewers noted that the placement of Attenborough’s camera crew might have also left his walruses with no choice but to jump off the cliff, since humans were blocking the beach. With polar bears menacing them inland, the walruses could have been caught between the proverbial rock and hard place.”

If a multimillion dollar mainstream production can produce such a misleading documentary – freely and without any oversight, then it might prompt the public to ask what other similar reports have also been fabricated?

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue