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Lendman: ‘Ukrainegate unleashed a blitzkrieg of NYT anti-Trump venom’

The so-called ‘whistleblower’ complaint that sparked impeachment proceedings has all the markings of a coordinated effort – a story put in play by the U.S. intelligence community and boosted by compliant media like the The New York Times.

Election Interference? Democrat parisans and media collaborators are now openly pushing to impeach Trump before the next presidential election that includes Joe Biden as a candidate.

By Stephen Lendman

Tempest in a teapot Ukrainegate unleashed a blitzkrieg of NYT anti-Trump venom — for the wrong reasons, ignoring the most important right ones since he took office.

Daily Times editions continue the assault, including on journalism the way it should be, long ago abandoned by the self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind.

On Thursday, the Times highlighted the shameless Pelosi/Adam Schiff Ukrainegate news conference. 

The speaker is a longtime imperial tool/corporate shill. 

Paul Craig Roberts slammed Schiff, saying he “epitomizes the total collapse of Democratic Party integrity” — the crowd I call undemocratic Dems for partnering with GOP war on humanity at home and abroad.

Pelosi, Schiff, and their Dem collaborators are criminally culpable. So are the Times and other establishment media, acting as their collective press agent.

Time and again, Trump’s worldview is wrongheaded, his actions deplorable, a figure I sharply criticize for clearly justifiable reasons.

But he’s right calling Dems “dishonest (and) corrupt.” He correctly called Schiff “a low life…shifty dishonest guy,” adding:

“He should resign from office in disgrace, and frankly they should look at him for treason.”

Trump also called Biden and his son Hunter “corrupt.” Evidence supports the accusation.

The Times virtually cheerled House Dems, vowing “to subpoena the White House” as part of the Ukrainegate/impeachment inquiry scam — part two of the failed/discredited Russiagate hoax.

What’s going on is dirty politics at its worst. It’s all about Dems seeking an advantage over Trump and the GOP in 2020 elections — unrelated to the rule of law and justice.

Pelosi, Schiff, their Dem and media collaborators are contemptuous of governance the way it should be.

It was long ago abandoned in Washington by both right wings of the one-party state, each seeking an edge over the other when farcical/undemocratic elections are held — reflecting rule of, by, and for the US privileged class exclusively, ordinary people scorned and abandoned.

In its latest edition, the Times also headlined:

“Schiff Got Early Account of Accusations as Whistle-Blower’s Concerns Grew”

Roberts explained that the character assassin, calling himself or herself a whistleblower, breached the statute pertaining to this activity.

The individual clearly acted in cahoots with others. Most likely Dems and US intelligence community orchestrated what happened.

They’re either trying to railroad Trump from office like Nixon was mistreated, or more likely, make him unreelectable in November 2020 — the scam likely to fail like Russiagate.

Separate Times pieces headlined: “Trump Impeachment Inquiry: Latest Updates”

“Joe Biden Fires Back at Trump: You’re Not Going to Destroy Me”

He’s done plenty to self-destruct, red meat for Trump’s team to finish him off as a viable candidate.

“Attention Foreign Leaders Planning to Visit the White House: A Stoic Expression Is Key to Survival”

“Fact-Checking 4 of Trump’s Claims About the Impeachment Inquiry”

“Impeachment Bombshell That Wasn’t: Mysterious Packet Sends”

State Department inspector general Steven Linick disappointed Dems, the Times, and other anti-Trump media by delivering to Congress press clippings, photos, emails, memos, and other materials, not laying a Ukrainegate glove on DJT.

Here’s more from the Times’ Thursday edition:

“Trump’s Assault on the State Department Must Be Stopped”

“Andrew Johnson’s Violent Language — and Trump’s”

“How the Law Protects Intelligence Whistleblowers, and Leaves Them at Risk”

“Donald Is Desperate”

All of the above, and volumes more in daily editions, show the NYT is desperate to use every unscrupulous trick it can invent to delegitimize and discredit Trump for the wrong reasons.

The most important ones are ignored, major wrongdoing committed by Washington’s bipartisan criminal class.

The executive, Congress and federal courts share guilt.

VISIT HIS NEW WEB SITE: stephenlendman.org (Home – Stephen Lendman). Contact at [email protected].

Also see his newest book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: How the US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.” www.claritypress.com/LendmanIII.html

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