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AV10: The Alternative View Conference Returns This Weekend, Watch LIVE Online

AV10 Livestream - May 11th-13th, 2019 - Go to 21w.co/av10live for tickets
Get AV10 Livestream Tickets Here

Watch the Alternative View 10 Conference (AV10) LIVE Online this weekend. On the AVX Livestream, watch every speaker from 8.45am UK Time on Saturday, May 11th, all through the weekend and into the final day of the conference on Monday, May 13th.

The previous nine events have brought together inspirational, informed and enlightened speakers from around the world. The information presented at the events, and captured on DVD & subsequently published on the Alternative View YouTube Channel stands the test of time, and is much as relevant today as the day it was recorded.

This year’s event features another powerhouse lineup of speakers:


9.15am : Brian Gerrish – Action Conquers Fear

11.00am : Patrick Henningsen – Masters of the Narrative

12.30pm : David Noakes – A Life Less Ordinary!

3.00pm : Clive de Carle – The Global Health Conspiracy … & How WE WILL Dismantle it!

4.45pm : – Dr Graham Downing – Controlling Time : The Battle for Free Will

8.00pm : Deborah Tavares – Worldwide Agenda : Extinction Plans in Documents


9.15am : David Ellis – The Roman Temple of Mars – EU Military Unification; A Precursor to Global Governance

11.00am : Gemma O’Doherty – Exposing Corruption

1.30pm : John Smith – Common Law Courts … An Opportunity for REAL Justice!

3.15pm : David DuByne – The Ice Age Cometh : Solar Minimun & ‘Climate Change’

5.00pm : Benny Wills – Cancer is Curable & Other TRUTHS worth fighting for!

8.00pm : Mads Palsvig – The Solutions – Creating Economic Growth & Eradicating Poverty


9.15am : Mark Steele – Stop 5G Crime – Let Justice Be Done Though the Heavens Fall

11.00am : Ian R Crane – Community Activism : How to stop 5G … Dead in it’s Tracks!

AV10 Livestream - May 11th-13th, 2019 - Go to 21w.co/av10live for tickets



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