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Head of British Army: ‘Russia is Far Greater Threat to UK than ISIS or al-Qaeda’

Since the US and EU mounted a joint coup d’etat in the Ukraine in 2014 which forcibly overthrew the democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovych, anti-Russian xenophobia has dominated western political speech and mainstream media coverage. With the recent leak exposing a British government-led, international disinformation and propaganda campaign ironically called the “Integrity Initiative” , the public can now see how well-organized and wide-ranging the West’s campaign to demonize of Russia truly is. Today’s state policy of Russian demonization by far eclipses the bipolar hysteria of the McCarthyite era during the 1950 Cold War period.

Unfortunately for the public, even though Russia poses no actual threat to Europe, and particularly the UK, nonetheless, military brass are increasingly adopting a more vociferous tone of Cold War rhetoric, perhaps in order to curry favor with the military industrial complex and land sufficient funding to defense expenditures. Which means get ready for another obligatory round of anti-Russian fear mongering…

According to a statement given earlier by former SAS commander and now commanding General of the British Army, Mark Carleton-Smith (image above), the UK should be worried about the threat posed to it by Russia.

Carleton-Smith claims that Russia somehow poses a far greater threat to national security than anyone else in the world, including the threat posed by ISIS and al-Qaeda.

The General underlined what he believes is an imminent existential threat to the UK in a recent interview The Daily Telegraph: 

The Russians seek to exploit vulnerability and weakness wherever they detect it …. Russia today indisputably represents a far greater threat to our national security than Islamic extremist threats such as al-Qaida and ISIL.

Carleton-Smith also reiterated that would not allow NATO to “diluted” and believes that the Cold War alliance is still the “centre of gravity of European security” and claims that it has been “extraordinarily successful,” despite bloody debacles in the both former Yugoslavia, Libya, and facilitating covert weapons trafficking and terrorists cohorts led by member state Turkey, which could easily be credited for helping to fuel the gruesome conflict in Syria since 2012.

According to The Guardian newspaper, Carleton-Smith “led the hunt for Osama bin Laden after the 9/11 terror attacks,” which apparently didn’t go too well, until Bin Laden was eventually found and killed by US special forces in May 2011. War experts at The Guardian also stated that he “spearheaded Britain’s role in the campaign to defeat ISIS,” which again, didn’t work out too well, aside from the fact it’s still not completely clear what Britain has actually done did to ‘defeat ISIS’.

The truth of the matter may be much for fundamental than The Guardian is able to articulate. Moscow-based political analyst Robert Bridge commented on the current lagging state of affairs for the West:

I wonder if this comment has any connection to Russia obliterating Western-backed ISIS in Syria. Any country that serves as a deterrent to the regime-change architects will be castigated. Strange new world we have come to inhabit.

It seems clearer than ever that political operatives in the US and UK are determined to re-boot a New Cold War with Russia, with the aim of taking it to a hot war.  What they are taking things in this direction is not clear, but if they are successful in triggering a major war, one thing is certain: they will ask the nations most poorest and vulnerable to fight their war for them. History is replete with such failed military misadventures.

More than ever, it seems that the only thing standing between these warmongers and a peaceful solution is an informed and educated public, one who is asking intelligent questions, rather than simple swallowing the government narrative whole.

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