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The Difference Between Right and Leftwing Memes

In the latest edition of ON THE QT at 21WIRE.TV, host Patrick Henningsen and guest Jay Dyer explored the cultural phenomenon of the viral internet meme, specifically looking at the popular NPC and Pepe meme.

The following presentation explores the phenomenon in a more former academic framework, in this piece entitled, On Memetic Warfare and Coded Political Language.

As online censorship by politically bias technocrats in San Jose and Palo Alto increases, the political language and symbology of the meme as practiced by future North American and European social media users will become even more dynamic, and as the this presenter explains, a more ‘tactically superior form of pictographic verse’ which is able to bypass the corporate and government filters on speech and expression.

Watch the following insightful video segment:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue