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Provocation: US, Israel Send Secret Cohort to Ukraine to Train on S-300 Systems

When Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu announced that Russia would be delivering its s30o anti-missile and antiaircraft defense system to Syria – it effectively altered the military and geostrategic landscape of the Middle East, and specifically in the Syrian theatre.

According to a recent Syria News report, Mr. Shoigu stated that primary defensive advantages are as follows:

  • Equipping Syrian air defense command and control centers with Russian automated control systems, these equipment are only available to the Russian armed forces so far.
  • The Russian forces positioned in Western Syria will now electronically jam all satellite navigations, airborne radars, and communication systems of combat aircrafts attacking targets in Syria.

Shoigu also added:

“This should cool down some hot-heads keeping them from reckless behavior that poses threat to our servicemen, otherwise we will have to respond based on the current situation”. Mr. Shoigu concluded referring to the Israeli officials who vowed to continue illegally attacking Syria.

All of this leaves little room for doubt that Israel will now be maneuvering for an angle to marginalize this new capability which threatens its regional hegemony and general criminal policies with respect to international law. But partnering with the US-backed putsch regime in Kiev might be a bridge too far for Russia.

By choosing to engage with Kiev in this manner, Moscow is right to view this as a type of provocation by US and its surrogate Israel. Hence, it is much more likely that this latest antagonistic move by Tel Aviv will weaken, not enhance any future negotiations with Russia regarding Syria’s security – a fissure which Washington will most certainly try to exploit in this very dangerous three-way script.

Based on this and so many other behavioral indicators, the most likely gateway to WWIII is still via the rogue state of Israel. If their brutish and colonial nature cannot be tamed, and so long as the US-UK-FR continue using them as an extension of imperium, then they will remain as the most clear and present threat to both regional and world peace going forward…

Antiwar.com reports…

The US and Israeli militaries recently sent a secret delegation to Ukraine to test the capabilities of the Russian-made S-300 air defense systems. Ukrainian military officials explained the limitations of the systems.

The sudden interest in the S-300 is because Russia has, in recent weeks, given the Syrian government enough of the advanced systems to cover their entire airspace. This was done after Israeli attacks along the coast led to the shoot-down of a Russian surveillance plane.

For Israel in particular, the S-300 is seen as threatening to curb their ability to attack Syria with impunity, despite Netanyahu government claims that they’ll keep attacking. Since the deliveries there have been no reports of Israeli warplanes violating Syrian airspace, whereas this was happening multiple times weekly before the deliveries.

Ukraine has S-300s as a throwback to its previously close ties with Russia. Though most of the nation’s systems have fallen into disrepair, their military’s experience with them means they may have some insight in ways to counter the system.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue