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Israel Incites Tension in Northern Iraq, Calling for ‘Intervention’ to Support Kurdish Secession

We’re told that even the United States has expressed its concern for Kurdish claims of independence from Iraq. 

Perhaps it’s not in the US interest at present to take an overt position in support of Kurdish autonomy, not publicly anyway – not least of all because Washington is still trying to delicately manage a number of key strategic partners in the region – namely Iraq and Turkey.

Thus far, the sole regional power which has thrown its support behind the Kurdish session movement is Israel. But why? There are a number of reasons for Israel embedding itself into Kurdistan and aggressively co-opting ‘The Kurdish Issue’. One reason is that the concept of carving out tribal homelands is central to its Israel’s own claims of legitimacy, and may help to bolster Israel’s own spurious political-religious Zionist justification for the controversial US-UK creation of the exclusive ethno-religious “Jewish State” in the Middle East in 1947.

That said, the ultimate object here from Israeli perspective would be to incite tension in Iranian-Kurdish areas near the Iraqi border, with the aim of possibly drawing Iran into some form of regional conflict with its neighbors – which would allow Israel, the United States (and Saudi Arabia too) an opportunity to incite a war against Iran – something Washington and Tel Aviv have been openly advocating for for over a decade now.

More on the latest move by Tel Aviv…

Israeli presence is being marketed in Kurdistan (Image Source: Mint Press News)

Adam Garrie of The Duran writes…

Israeli regime officials have been scrambling in attempts to rally global support for further Kurdish nationalistic agitations against Iraqi and its allies. Earlier this week, Iraq re-established federal control over northern regions which had been illegally occupied by the Kurdish regime of Masoud Barzani, in the aftermath of the ISIS exodus from cities like Kirkuk.

Iraq’s position is one of clarity: Baghdad seeks to, and largely has re-asserted its full legal control over areas in northern Iraq outside of the constitutionally defined Kurdish autonomous region. Iraq has further told Kurdish officials that Baghdad will impose control over strategic facilities within the Kurdish autonomous region if the Barzani regime continues its agitations of secession. Iraq simply seeks a return to the constitutional status quo, contrary to reports of “war” from Kurdish propaganda outlets and statements from Tel Aviv.

Meanwhile, Turkey and Iran have worked to create a no-fly zone in northern Iraq, while Turkey has threatened to fully embargo the region, something which, especially in light of Iraq’s control of the Kirkuk oil fields, would economically starve the separatist region.

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The Israeli regime has been alone in the world, in openly supporting Kurdish secession in Iraq, while publicly even the US and its other allies have called for Iraq’s territorial unity to be preserved. Recent statement’s from Tel Aviv indicate that Israel has supinely as well as overtly encouraged Kurdish separatism in Iraq and continues to do so. However, unless Israel wants to further incur the wrath of the Arab world, Iran and make a former partner, Turkey into a fully fledged enemy, there is little Israel can do to aid secessionist Kurds.

Israeli leader Netanyahu is determined to carve-out an Israeli strategic presence in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Reuters reports:

“Israeli officials said Netanyahu raised the Iraqi Kurds’ plight in phone calls with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last week and with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday.

21st Century Wire says…

So it should be fairly clear by now what Israel’s over-arching agenda is with regards to the Kurdistan issue. Israel is using the highly contrived concept of ‘a Kurdish Homeland’ in order to increase tension in Iraq and the region, and also to preserve Israel’s own beachhead in Iraqi Kurdistan where it has been providing logistical support and military training and tactical support to Erbil. Adam Garrie reaffirms this reality in his article:

“According to Reuters, an Israeli regime official who asked not to be named, said the following:

“This (Kurdish regions of Iraq) is a foothold. It’s a strategic place. It would be best if someone gave them weaponry, and whatever else, which we cannot give, obviously”.

Thus, we see that by the anonymous admission of a regime official, Israel is poorly placed to make good on its apparent promises to Iraqi Kurds.

In a sign that recent statements from Kurdish propaganda outlets attempting to sow divides between Iran and Shi’a Arabs on one side and Kurds on the others, are in fact taken from the script of the Israeli narrative, Netanyahu’s Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz said the following during an interview:

“The issue at present is … to prevent an attack on the Kurds, extermination of the Kurds and any harm to them, their autonomy and region, something that Turkey and Iran and internal Shi‘ite and other powers in Iraq and part of the Iraqi government want”.

This is further proof that the geo-political narrative being spun by the Kurds is identical to that which is publicly offered by Tel Aviv. As with the United States, however, there is increasingly little that Tel Aviv can do in respect of its desire to manipulate Iraqi Kurds as part of a larger regional ambition to conquer parts of the Arab world and provoke Iran. Both the US and Israel have hit a similar bump in the road in the form of the Iraqi-Iranian-Turkish partnership.”

Is an unstable Middle East part of Israel’s wider strategic agenda? If you read these two of Israel’s grand strategy documents A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm and the Yinon Plan: Great Israel Project, then rather unfortunately, this agenda of keeping the region weak and sowing discord and conflict – makes perfect sense.

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