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American Import: #BlackLiveMatter ‘Activists’ Block Road to UK Heathrow Airport (Why?)

21st Century Wire says…

Move over McDonalds, another cheap American import has landed in the Europe this summer.

Now it seems that the social entrepreneurs in New York City are trying to push their George Soros-financed, virtual #hashtag phenomenon known at #BlackLivesMatter onto the streets of Britain – devoid of any real context beyond reams of Twitter and Instagram posts of hand-made signs about something (we’re not exactly sure what), as part of a series of low-budget social media publicity stunts.

Why are they doing it? Answer: because they can, but also to try to engineer additional racial and class tension in the UK and Europe.

Two weeks ago, 21WIRE warned that the signs are omnipresent that some type of social unrest is being planned for Britain this summer. In the end, this will not empower any ‘activists’, but rather, it will be used to bolster the burgeoning, full-spectrum police state which is already in full-effect around the country.

Any ‘activist’ group which receives support from Soros bodies should certainly be viewed with suspicion.

More colour revolutions anyone?

#BlackLivesMatter briefly blocks road to Heathrow Airport, more action planned across UK

Activists from Black Lives Matter’s newly launched UK chapter blocked a major road to London Heathrow, Britain’s busiest airport, on Friday morning. Police have made ten arrests.
London Metropolitan Police say four people were arrested and taken to police stations where they remain in custody.

A further six people have been arrested but remain at the scene. Police are in the process of extracting the protestors who are chained together.

Police claim there have been no injuries.

The protest appears to have come to an end at the airport, with Heathrow tweeting that the M4 is now open.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 15.59.57

Protestors had also targeted Birmingham airport and the tram system in Nottingham in what the group has called a “nationwide shutdown.”

Activists are calling for a day of rebellion across Britain with more demonstrations planned across the country.

Hundreds of people are expected to attend the events, which fall on the fifth anniversary of the death of Mark Duggan, who was shot dead by police in Tottenham in summer 2011, and five years on from the riots that swept England as a result of his death.

At Heathrow Airport, protesters were lying across the road with signs saying “Black Lives Matter” and “This Is A Crisis.”


Twitter reacts to protests

The protests are getting an unsympathetic reception among some Twitter users, who say they are disrupting holidaymakers and people trying to get to work.


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