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‘Journalistic Malpractice’: CNN Slammed for ‘Biased’ Coverage in Favour of Hillary

21st Century Wire says…

This definitely needed to be said.

Host of popular internet news shows The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur, has slammed the mainstream media for ‘journalistic malpractice’ after they fraudulently announced that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee prior to the result of the California primary.

Here at 21WIRE, we informed our readers last week that such big politik dirty tricks would be played.

Uygur appeared on CNN saying:

Brian, you guys, and I mean all of the establishment press, totally tilted the playing field here from day one by counting those superdelegates,”

Superdelegates do switch their votes all the time, they switched it in 2008. Hillary Clinton had a 100-superdelegate lead which completely vanished in 2008,”

“But if you count them in the official tally, when you know they can, and often do switch their votes, and have not voted yet, that is simply incorrectthat’s not journalism.”

“From day one, which was absolutely incorrect, it was in fact journalistic malpractice which indicates an establishment bias.”

Watch the full interview here:

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