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Bad Luck, Neocons: Russian S-300 Missile Systems Now Deployed in Iran

21st Century Wire says…

Any attack on Iran just got a whole lot harder.

Watch a video of this report here:

Iran has announced that it has deployed Russian-supplied S-300 air defence systems at one of its military bases.

The long-range S-300 system was placed at Iran’s Khatam al-Anbia Air Defence Base.

Russia and Iran signed a contract to supply the S-300 systems in 2007, but were forced to cancel the order after Iran was falsely accused by several nations of covertly developing nuclear weapons.

The single most important aspect of this development is the fact that both the US and Israel are known to be concerned that the Russian weapons will prevent a surprise airstrike on Iranian nuclear facilities.

It is understood that the delay in the shipment has actually been of benefit to Iran, as now Russia has shipped a more advanced version of the S-300 than was originally scheduled due to technological advancements during the delay period.

The Iran Deal, also hated by neocons internationally, has facilitated the completion of the deal.

With neocons in both Israel and the US wanting to attack Iran, this significant development just made that goal a whole lot harder to achieve successfully.

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