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Insatiable Insanity: Netanyahu Pushed for War with Iran AT LEAST Three Times

21st Century Wire says…

A key ally of the military industrial complex has now been confirmed as the sitting leader of a nation state.

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It has been confirmed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and his allies among the country’s top political leaders, wanted to attack Iran at least three times in just the past few years.

Netanyahu’s former Defence Minister Ehud Barak has revealed that both the current leader, and himself, wanted to attack Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Undoubtedly, Israeli leaders and their financial backers are the prime enemy of the recently struck Iran Nuclear Deal.

Netanyahu and Ehud Barak. (Photo Credit: IDF)

It was top-brass in the Israeli military that fought back against the proposal in 2010, highlighting the fact that they lacked the ‘operational capability’ to attack Iran alone.

In order to overcome such a problem, Barak openly admits that the Israeli political leadership ‘intended to carry out’ an attack in 2012 to coincide with a joint military drill that Israel was conducting with the United States.

Drills are widely considered to be the means by which rogue networks within governments conduct nefarious activities, a thesis which has now been explicitly confirmed by a former political insider.

Not so happy families? (Photo Credit: Michael Gross)

Ultimately, the potential for the U.S. to ‘object’ to assisting the Israelis, despite their proximity to the potential conflict, was considered too great of a concern. Barak stated that ‘you can’t go in the opposite direction and force America’ to get involved.

This story highlights the necessity to: identify particular forces within governments responsible for particular decisions, continue the exposure of the usage of drills by rogue elements within a government, and, consider the world altering ramifications of such warmongering.

We would invite you to continue the discussion on those point in the comment below!

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Netanyahu pressed for Iran attacks, but was denied: ex-defense chief


Israel’s political leaders pushed to attack Iran at least three times in the past few years but had to back down on the advice of the military and due to concerns about its ally the United States, former defense minister Ehud Barak said.

In interviews to his biographers aired late on Friday by Israel’s Channel Two, Barak said he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had wanted military operations against Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Israel has regularly hinted it could attack Iran to stop it getting nuclear weapons, something Tehran denies it is seeking.

In 2010, the Israeli leadership wanted an attack but the military said it did not have “operational capability,” said Barak, defense minister between 2007 and 2013, and prime minister in 1999-2001.

In 2011, two ministers in a top security forum convened to discuss an attack changed their mind and decided against it, Barak said…

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