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The White House and The Theatrics of ‘Gun Control’

21st Century Wire says…

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.” William Shakespeare

Theatrics in politics is nothing new, but this latest TV drama was just a little over-the-top, even for this entertainer-and-chief.

HIGH DRAMA: Obama’s epic tears during his gun control rally on Tuesday.

During President Barack Obama’s landmark New Year’s TV address on ‘gun control’ he grew visibly emotional when invoking “Newtown,” with bountiful tears arriving in good measure.

While right-wing commentators were incensed, left-wing media pundits were understandably blown away by his performance, and commented on it like it was a performance. In media terms, it was a very weird moment, to say the least.

Of course, no one would dare accuse the President of producing tears on demand, after all – that would be impossible to fake – unless of course you’re an extremely talented and trained actor – and who would believe that our President would have received that sort of special coaching which is reserved for professional TV and film actors.

The thought of it is simply preposterous, right? After all, this President is surely not an actor…

But one thing we can say for absolute certainty is that the President intentionally made a spectacle of himself – for maximum political effect. Such was the emotion of the moment, that Obama had the presence of mind, not to look away and reach for a tissue, but rather to face the cameras – holding his pose for 10 seconds looking directly into a sea of dozens of cameras – as they all clicked wildly. It sounded like a swarm of locusts.

Nonetheless, it was high drama for sure, but there was something about what seemed incredibly staged that morning in the White House’s East Room. Anyone who watched it on TV could see how the crowd clapped on cue, and laughed on cue. It was almost like a Democratic Party pep rally – which is not what the East Room is for, but there you go.

Watch the scene on Tuesday here:

NOTE: No tears were shed for the thousands of children and innocent people in Syria – killed with thousands of deadly weapons supplied to ‘rebel’ terrorist fighters – paid for by the US taxpayer. No tears for the hundreds of innocent people killed and injured in Mexico and the US – with thousands of illegal guns supplied by the federal government through Operation Fast and Furious. So the White House’s high-minded talk about “saving lives” by regulating guns in America is high-hypocrisy when you actually consider the fact that under President Obama – more federally-supplied deadly weapons have flooded into regions all over the world – than under any other US administration.

Still, after the usual vitriolic calls to ‘save lives’, Obama called for ‘Smart Guns’ with high-tech biometric, personalized triggers. This seemed to be a bizarre over-simplification, as he compared firearms to iPhones, as was his strange comparison of a bottle of aspirin with a gun.

“If a child can’t open a bottle of aspirin, we should make sure they can’t pull a trigger on a gun,” said Obama.

Such dumbed-down rhetoric hardly inspires confidence in the President’s grasp of the firearms issue and the 2nd Amendment.

The only problem with the President’s much anticipated Executive Action plan for gun control in America – is that it will not be effective. In fact, nothing he is proposing would have stopped any of the supposed gun deaths constantly being bandied about by the establishment’s and media’s macabre list of high-profile “mass shootings”. So why do it then? Answer: this is an election year, and the Democratic Party is attempting to push the issue of “Guns in America” on to the list of institutionalized, classic American political wedge issues – along with the usual balloons like abortion, immigration and gay marriage.

Aside from all this, the President’s executive action… is illegal. In the US system of checks and balances, the President cannot write laws – only Congress can. You’d think the President, who claims to have taught ‘constitutional law’ at Harvard, would know about checks and balances.

The only real tangible result of the Administration’s rhetoric on ‘gun control’  and the politicization of “mass shootings” is that gun sales in America are skyrocketing. Shares of gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger were up on Tuesday morning after Obama’s speech.


One could easily argue here – that this President has done more to help firearms sales and profits than any other person in history, more than Duck Dynasty, and even more than Charleton Heston.

The White House’s campaign has less to do with actually reducing gun crime, as it does increasing federal control over the lives of law-abiding Americans. Some critics believe that this new Executive Action on guns is part of a federal nudging strategy that’s using federal ‘mental health’ directives and changes in the state HIPAA laws – to deny certain persons, including US veterans, of their 2nd Amendment rights. Make no mistake about it, there is an overall strategy at play here, only it’s not being revealed to the public.

So, once again, it’s all theatre.

The government-media complex is going fult-tilt again. Later today, together with its media partner CNN, the White House is co-producing a ‘Town Hall’ TV special live from Virginia, entitled, “GUNS IN AMERICA”. The agenda for this program is self explanatory and will be hosted by CNN’s top mocking jay, news actor and ‘former’ CIA operative, Anderson Cooper, who a key operative in the mass media brainwashing that TV networks like CNN do on a daily basis – promoting fear at home, and selling illegal wars abroad.

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD: Political-media operative Anderson Cooper.

No doubt this political campaign program will feature all of the usual suspects from America’s highest rated, high-profile “mass shootings” events including Sandy Hook, Roanoke, Isla Vista, Aurora, Lafayette, and San Bernardinoto name only a few.

In the days before the fall of Rome, as historians have often remarked, the ‘Crisis of the Republic’ was not so much a crisis of the people of Rome, but rather, it was a Crisis of the Ruling Class, and of Rome’s Elite Ruling Families. The Republic eventually lost its way and crumbled because of their misrule and institutional corruption. Like Shakespeare, they eventually lost the plot.

“In the end, of course, the Republic fell because as a system of government, it could not be separated from the individuals who wielded the most power within it.”

In 1995, Obama’s Attorney General, then US Attorney for District of Columbia , Eric Holder, revealed the progressive agenda to subvert the Second Amendment and achieve gun control in America – an agenda which is actually being played out right before our eyes today:

Create Your Own Crisis

Barack Obama’s former chief of staff and top Democratic Party insider, Rahm Emanuel, coined the mantra for our new government by crisis, saying crassly, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

Today, Thursday January 7th, is a very strange day, with a number of unsavory narratives aligned and assembled by the Mockingbird media. Aside from CNN’s big budget political campaign stunt, there are a few other worrying events taking place today:

Early this morning, CNN started running is programming for the “one year anniversary” of the infamous GLADIO-style, staged false flag Charlie Hebdo event in Paris. CNN also dispatched many of their top staff to Paris to remind us about the dangers of terrorism, and that we should remain afraid.

Also happening today, members of the Bundy family, assorted Militia and public lands activists are presently holed-up at a federal wildlife refuge center outside of Burns, Oregon. There are many people in Washington and throughout the mainstream media establishment, who would like nothing more than to see government forces sweep in and “deal with those people”. What that entails is anyone’s guess.

Certainly, some high-profile “mass shooting”, or gun-related incident scheduled for today – would dovetail perfectly with CNN and the White House’s joint media messaging and socio-political narrative being rolled out today.

Let’s hope that does not happen, not today, and not ever…

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