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BE AFRAID: Over 1000 LA Schools Closed After One Anonymous Telephone Threat

1-Stuart J HooperStuart J. Hooper
21st Century Wire

Since when have terrorists been in the business of warning people before they attack them?

Watch a video of this report here:

Over 1000 schools throughout Los Angeles, California have been closed down today after a single anonymous threat was made to a member of the school board via telephone.

LA Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines said the threat was made to students at the schools.

Cortines described the message as a “credible threat” that targeted “not one school, two schools, three schools. It was a threat to many schools.”

He also said, “I want every school, every early education center, every adult school searched.”

The decision to close all schools was allegedly to ensure that everyone is “absolutely safe”.

Yet, we might ask a very simple question: When have terrorists ever warned anyone that they are about to try and kill them? As demonstrated here, such an act only foils the plan.

Why then, is this threat considered to be ‘credible’?

Just two years ago, Eldo Kim, a student at Harvard, emailed bomb threats to university officials in order to avoid an upcoming exam. It is far more likely that a similar scenario has just played out in California, because, as mentioned numerous times already, real terrorists do not warn you before attacking.

21WIRE reported on the Harvard story back in 2013, and pointed out the possibility that it may have been aligned with a ’emergency drill’ in the area.

This was certainly the case during the recent San Bernardino Shooting which coincided with multiple ‘active shooter’ and emergency drills in the area of the shooting, and even in the same building as the said terrorist event.

What we are witnessing is the manifestation of a 15 year long fear-based reality, rooted in false flag terror, that has culminated in the fear or terrorism being at the highest point in over ten years.

A society based upon fear allows for elites, those with political, economic, social, cultural, and even religious power, to exert significantly more control and dominion upon those under them all in the name of ensuring that everyone is ‘absolutely safe’.

It allows for a process of securitisation to take place, wherein security concerns always come before anything else; especially before democratic values and principles as we have witnessed in Western societies since 9/11.

Should authorities take preventative action to stop mass destruction from occurring? Absolutely. However, such action should only been taken when absolutely necessary, and not to further a political agenda that seeks to maintain a climate of fear and the implementation of a security state.

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