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ISIS Ousted: Kurds Liberate Sinjar, Split ‘Caliphate’ in Half & Cut ISIS Supply Lines

21st Century Wire says…

US airstrikes have actually helped to accomplish something for once!

Watch a video of this report here:

The northern Iraqi city of Sinjar has been liberated by Kurdish Peshmerga forces after just two days of fighting, which confirms that ISIS has been vastly exaggerating their military strength and capabilities.

Sinjar was home to an Iraqi minority population known as the Yazidis. 5000 men and boys were slaughtered when ISIS took over, and 50,000 other people fled up Mount Sinjar to escape.

It is unknown how many civilians remained in the city.

The Kurds were able to retake Sinjar with the assistance of US airpower.

The American Airforce combined with 7,500 Kurdish soldiers quickly overwhelmed the estimated 600 ISIS fighters and liberated the now ruined city from their reign of terror.

Peshmerga forces on a T-55 tank in Iraq. (Photo Credit: Boris Niehaus)

The victory was very important strategically, as the Kurds are now in control of the main highway that supplies ISIS’s eastern front from Syria.

Moreover, Sinjar will serve as a stepping stone to both Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city under ISIS control, and also Raqqa; the alleged capital of the Caliphate.

Kurdish Leader Masoud Barzani spoke of the significance of the victory:

“Without doubt, the liberation of Sinjar will have a large effect on the liberation of Mosul.”

Does US support in this accomplishment perhaps signal a change in policy from Washington? Are they now getting serious about destroying ISIS after being so terribly upstaged by Russia?




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