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Boehner Quits, Spending Bill Passes, As Washington DC Avoids Shutdown (For Now)

21st Century Wire says…

Saved by the bell, for now.

With just 7 hours before federal agencies ran out of money, the US House of Representatives finally passed an emergency bill funding the federal government through Dec. 11th, 2015.

On Wednesday the GOP House adopted a new resolution to cut off government financing to Planned Parenthood. It’s expected it will be blocked by Senate Democrats. Next…

Between the White House Democrat power-plays and the GOP infighting over Speaker John Boehner’s hasty exit, combined with the ongoing GOP presidential circus, it’s a miracle that this band-aid measure was even passed.

Gloating, Senate Democratic leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, poked at Republicans for being in disarray. “He’s resigning because he knows he can’t deal with these people,” says Reid.

PParenthd doorLGMeanwhile, the issue which is really applying pressure on the federal budget debate, the Planned Parenthood scandal, still looms. It’s a controversy which threatens to drag on and into the budget debate through 2016. At the recent hearings, House Republicans accused Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards of burning through its $40 million taxpayer war chest  on “lavish” items. Who knew ‘family planning’ could be such a lucrative enterprise?

GOP’s ‘Conservative’ enclave are challenging the White House and Democrats over Planned Parenthood’s $450 million a year in federal funding, of which almost $400 million is reimbursement for services covered by Medicaid.

Technically speaking, as far as Washington is concerned, Federal money is prohibited from being used for abortion.

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